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Billion deal: these were the largest acquisitions of technology sector … – t3n Magazine

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takeovers are not uncommon in the technology sector. But in which acquisitions actually flowed the most money? A new infographic gives you an overview and show you the ten biggest tech acquisitions of history

 billion deal: these were the gr & # XF6; & # xdF; th & # XDC; takeovers the technology sector [Infographic]

tech acquisitions. (Photo: Keith Cooper / Flickr under CC BY 2.0)

tech acquisitions: How much money does the industry for acquisitions jump

has as Facebook in 2014 bought the messaging provider WhatsApp, saw the takeover sum of a total of 19 billion US dollars for some conversation. Not without reason, because these are after all the second-most expensive acquisition of a technology company. The sum is still slightly higher than the purchase price of 18.6 billion, the computer manufacturer HP had paid for his opponent Compaq in 2002.

The biggest takeover of the technology industry is likely but not soon surpassed. Because it is primarily a cautionary example of the hubris of the first Internet company before the bursting of the dotcom bubble. For well over 100 billion dollars in shares AOL took over the media giant Time Warner. What was initially hailed as the perfect fusion of old and new media, quickly turned out to be little sensible investment because the targeted synergies should not be set. 2009 AOL was again spun off from Time Warner

WhatsApp and more. The 10 largest acquisitions of the tech industry

has this and billions more acquisitions, the marketing company pretty Market Domination Media in a Infographics are summarized. The ten largest acquisitions of technology industry can be found in each case the purchase price and the current state of the stock price of the company. Those who are interested, should also have a look at our article “payday! The 20 largest German Startup Exits the last few years “throw.

A click on the below excerpt opens the full infographic.

The ten gr & # XF6; & # xdF; th & # XDC; takeovers of the tech industry (graphic: Market Domination Media).
From AOL WhatsApp to Sun Microsystems: The ten largest acquisitions of the tech industry. (Graphic: Market Domination Media)

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