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New technology flat rate for SMEs – Computer Week

Be on the cutting edge of technology and still save -. That should no longer be a contradiction according to PC Power Flat
On the cutting edge of his technique and still save – that should no longer be a contradiction according to PC Power Flat
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The company provides everyday medium-sized and small companies remains a classic dilemma On the one hand they have to renew computers and tablets, on the other hand want or need to save them. The manufacturer HP wants to break up with HP Subscription that now.

HP promises a completely new approach to IT delivery. This is based on the model of the flat rate and also likes to be called “PC Power Flat for SMEs”. How this might look in practice for resellers and system vendors and their customers, that’s what a webinar of the Channel Partner magazine on April 16 by 11 clock.

Moderator Detlef Korus talks to Oliver Doll, Manager New Services Business PCs from HP about the new model. Doll explains how to buy the end customer immediately via retailers a whole range of services via the simple registration process via the website or “rent”

can. The webinar describes the new billing models for end users and explains why with the “PC Power Flat” can achieve higher margins, although the cost for the end user to fall. It is also about how the end customer save time and can convert the investment cost in operating costs, and other issues.

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