Thursday, April 9, 2015

New battery technology: Charging in a minute –

instead of aluminum lithium. For years, scientists worldwide in a replacement of the expensive lithium in lithium-ion batteries by the much more common and thus cheaper aluminum. Now it is the first time succeeded by US researchers at Stanford University to produce a working prototype


This stands out not only by the – for the mass production – much lower expected costs. He also brings a number of other advantages. Thus allowing the battery to fully charge within one minute, the responsible professor of chemistry Hangjie Dai in an article in the journal “Nature”. Moreover, the battery is elastic, so it can be bent, which would be a great advantage especially when used in small devices such as smartphones.


The battery is beyond but also safer. “He does not catch fire once then when pierced him,” said Dai on. Last but not least is supposed to be higher and the durability. Instead of 1000 charge cycles as in lithium-ion batteries, an aluminum-ion battery 7500 could even be loaded without causing a loss of capacity, the researchers write.

The new technology could thus not only the significantly improve use in laptops or smartphones. You could also revolutionize and used electric mobility in order to save electricity generated from renewable energies stationary. Until it was so far, but still needs to be researched. The current breakthrough was that they had accidentally discovered that graphite is the perfect cathode to the anode of aluminum. However, the prototype has only creates a voltage of about two volts – standard lithium-ion batteries come almost doubled. A problem that would be resolved in the coming years, however, researchers



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