Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apple assumes Camera Company LinX: Technology for iPhone 6s? –

Apple has taken the Israeli company LinX camera imaging. The thus acquired technology could bring significant improvements in future iPhone models with it.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the assumption that should have cost Apple about 20 million US dollars. Apple has announced the acquisition to the newspaper with the standard phrase that one from time to smaller companies buy, plans but do not comment confirmed.

The website of LinX Imaging is not more accessible, but it is known on what the company has concentrated: The improvement of smartphone cameras by using multiple panels. LinX took the view that the speed of development in the field of mobile phone cameras had recently declined; with more megapixels have not can achieve a lot. Therefore, a new approach was needed

The use of two, three or even four stops , whose recordings then connects the system to a single photo can achieve some advantages.: Among other things, the individual cameras can construct compact, so that the unit in which they are located, can fail thinner . This should be especially interesting for Apple, since the solution in the iPhone 6, from which it is the camera lens, is not ideal.


In addition, however, there are further options: Using multiple lenses, the camera can more accurately judge the distance of individual objects , so that images with a more pronounced depth are possible -. a smartphone to take pictures, and so far with which an SLR comparable

Mac Rumors still designate some other advantages of LinX technology: The multi-aperture design also allows better pictures with less lighting , including through a reduction of “noise” effect


In particular, the four-lens design brings but still more options: It can even be 3D models from single images create . This would make it possible for example to subsequently change the focus of a recording.

If and when exactly the LinX technology will find its way into a future-generation iPhone, is difficult to predict. However, late last year, first appeared rumors that makes iPhone 6s could work with two cameras. Maybe Apple had its development already licensed LinX technology and the company then taken over completely equal. More accurate then we would know in the fall.

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