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HONG KONG -. (BUSINESS WIRE) – 04/28/2015 –

Seed Alpha was put on the market today. With this new technology, management and delivery of change analysis for institutional investment. With the already adopted by companies such as Ballingal Investment Advisers technology those problems are solved, the buyers and analysts to ask yourself when to look supervisors for new ways to pay for capital analysis.

The practice of analysis dealer commissions use, is understood in Europe in Transition. Anyway this issue by MiFID II will finally settled -. It is clear that there will be drastic changes in utilization, pricing and appreciation of analyzes worldwide

“These changes should not be underestimated – they are on affect all regions, “said Edward Stock Reisser, co-founder of Seed Alpha. “Most portfolio managers are not prepared to adapt to these changes planned – and Seed Alpha can help. It’s about increased transparency, accountability and efficiency. “

The cloud-based platform provides purchasing companies the opportunity to manage their analyzes from a single location, and provides them with same contents of market research services in a format that the the is similar to that of popular online music platforms. The result is an absolutely transparent audit trail, which allows you to see who uses the analysis and what was paid for it. Market researchers with direct access to potential consumers who would otherwise have been time consuming and costly to achieve.

“Together with the rest of the industry, we have been looking for ways the cost of analysis to manage so that we our customers can demonstrate best practice, “said Andrew Ballingal, founder and CEO of Ballingal Investment Advisers. “With Seed Alpha, we now have the ability to manage the massive amounts of analyzes we use effortlessly while providing an audit trail for customers and regulatory authorities. We have observed that our investors always want to know more precisely where their money goes for analysis and fees. Here, then, provides a very good opportunity to demonstrate in a simple way that our consideration is in the added value and top marks for the portfolio and investment processes of investors.

In addition, with this technology, the problems are solved, which provide buyers find the best analyzes, “Edward Stock Reisser said. “It has always been difficult for managers to find exactly in the confusion of tenders, the analyzes, which are really top scores are possible,” Edward Stock Reisser said.

The technology solves the tasks that buyers which to find best analyzes are: All analyzes are gathered into a single searchable, intelligent platform that learns according to the behavior of the user and adapts

Co-founder Shan Han said he was going to definitely assume that Seed Alpha. will cause a stir. “It will be uncomfortable for some, that a hitherto obscure industry suddenly becomes transparent – that’s no question about it,” he said. “However, when this type of technology to gain traction, you will be able to observe real changes in favor of suppliers of quality. If the analyzes are good, a demand for it will be available on the part of buyers. We would like all talk about the best analysis and find them on Seed Alpha. “

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