Monday, April 20, 2015

“ROBOT-ew”: New technology monitors your online reputation –

Hamburg (ots) – A life without digital media is hard to imagine for many people in Europe. Business and in their leisure uses a large proportion of Europeans daily digital media – from email to social networks. Our online reputation has become a defining element of our everyday life. So it will be possible without an intact online reputation hardly to develop business contacts and successfully participate in social networks.

The online reputation should be characterized by a conscious use of digital media by man himself. But what information, personal data, and images are spread about you by third parties in data networks and how quickly these events can damage your online reputation regardless of whether you are using the modern technologies themselves or not?

“ROBOT -ew “is your personal monitoring and early warning system to protect your online reputation: The technology has access to data networks and analyzed in your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Internet, Deep Internet, P2P networks, apps, social networks, blogs, video portals and has forensic technologies to file, image and video analysis. Self-employed continuing education data pattern afford the discovery of content that can not be indexed by search engines if necessary. How to obtain early to your online reputation before they learn precise and comprehensible results a significant spread. “ROBOT-ew” ensure the early detection of reputational events, and dissemination of personal data, hostile and Shitstorm developments.

ROBOT TECHNOLOGY® early warning, or “ROBOT-ew” was organized by the PAN AMP AG developed.

The operator of the service “ROBOT-ew” is the ONLINE FORENSIC GmbH. The service is aimed at stake- and Share Holder, personalities and entrepreneurs, politically responsible and executives who want to protect your online reputation as part of their informational self-determination.

For more information on the service “ROBOT-ew” together the registration form and the general conditions for participation in the service, please contact the websites ONLINE FORENSIC GmbH

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