Friday, April 3, 2015

OnLive: streaming service is set – part of the technology goes to Sony –

Even if OnLive is a pioneer in the field of streaming services, the company never the corresponding commercial success was unfortunately granted.

Having been in the past few years have been reports began circulating that OnLive ago could be the off, we can confidently. As it is said officially, the streaming service on April 30, and thus at the end of the month is finally set. Until that date, although all the tracks can still be used, but new members can not be completed. Instead, all existing accounts

For more details of OnLive will be deleted with the associated data.

wait for the official website. In this course interesting: As it continues, Sony is a big part of OnLive. Although the company is not interested in a continuation of the offer, but it is certainly to the assumption that a part of OnLive technology in Sony’s streaming service PlayStation Now comes used in the future.



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