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HP introduces the first large format printer Page Wide Technology – PR Newswire (press release)

Böblingen (ots) – HP introduces the first large-format printers in the new series HP Page Wide XL. The products are equipped with the Page Wide technology. As a result, at present, the large format printer on the fastest print speed for both color and black and white.

The range of the new series of type Page Wide HP XL is targeted at Reprografieanbieter, print service providers, Reprografieabteilungen in companies and printers. Through the use of technology HP Page Wide media roll is printed on its entire width of just over one meter. This allows black and white and color prints at up to 60 percent higher speeds compared to the available monochrome LED printers fastest. (1)

The printer portfolio, HP Page Wide XL includes the following products:

 - HP Page Wide XL 8000 - The printer provides high-end production printing in speeds of up to 30 pages per minute A1. The 775ml ink cartridges are duplicated. Once a cartridge is empty, the printer automatically switches to the second cartridge of the same color. Up to six rolls of media with a total length of up to 1200 meters ensure high productivity. - HP Page Wide XL 5000 - The multifunction device allows Reprografieanbietern and Reprografieabteilungen in company's production of technical documents in medium volumes of up to 14 A1 pages per minute and two 400-ml ink cartridges per color with automatic switching and up to four media roles. - HP XL Wide Page 4500 - The multifunction device allows cost-conscious, technical working groups, sure to print. The printer can produce up to 12 A1 pages per minute. - HP XL Wide Page 4000 - With the multi-function device technical working groups and copy shops can produce up to 8 A1 per minute. 

New Portfolio of scanning and finishing solutions for HP XL Wide Page

In addition, a complete portfolio of scanning and finishing solutions, including the HP DesignJet HD and SD production scanner, printer and new accessories for HP Page Wide XL available. These include the HP-Page Wide-XL online folder, truck and heavy duty trucks.

HP SmartStream software for HP-Page Wide-XL printer, reducing the time for the preparation and processing of orders by up to 50 percent. (2) In addition, the amount of misprints is reduced because the software works with native PDF management and the original Adobe Print Engine. The interactive HP Crystal Preview technology, the user receives a very precise print preview on the monitor.

Pigment inks for products of the series HP Page Wide XL ensure high durability of the printed documents and improve print quality with crisp lines, fine details and smooth gray levels that exceed the quality of LED printing. (3)

The new HP large format printers produce up to 40-inch page size (1 meter) and comply with the ISO, US and offset standard page sizes. (4) provide quick-drying and smudge-resistant prints. The selection includes HP Universal paper for technical applications, HP Matte Polypropylene Production for the production of roll-up banners and HP Production for mat-, Gloss- and Satin Poster Papers for point-of-sale applications and produce posters.

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 Footnotes (1) With a maximum linear velocity of 23 m / min (75 ft / min), the HPPageWide XL 8000 to 60 percent faster as the printer type KIP 9900 that were 14 m / min (47 ft / min) rated as the fastest LED printer. As of March 2015. (2) The conclusion is based on an HP-internal test in which the time was measured that was required to extract the pages of a 50-page document and print. The comparison was performed with several printers to equivalent software programs. (3) Based on internal HP testing with internal users and external customers. The assessment of the overall print quality depends on specific printing attributes (gray neutrality, uniformity of the fill, line quality and text quality) with HP-Page Wide-XL printers and LED printers from various manufacturers in IDC, more than 50 percent of the annual supply of LED printers North America responsible from 2014, produced from starting materials. (4)  ISO / US technical and offset standards include the American ANSI and Architectural page size standard, ISO-A standard for technical documents and ISO-B standard for offset-page size. 


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