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Brand Mobile Advertising: it is about technology and emotions – Adzine (subscription)

It all begins and ends with the user. We know this truism. But: Why Mobile marketers focus almost exclusively on precisely that end – namely the conversion rate? Just because you can measure this parameter, it should not be the only motive for mobile advertising. In fact, we must consider the entire user journey and thereby provide each step is important. There are different ways to measure advertising effects, not only click-through rates. So let’s talk about the beginning of effective mobile advertising. Do not let us discuss whether intelligent technology should not also deal with the emotions of the user.

Do not underestimate the power of Mobile Brand Advertising

To put it in a nutshell: Mobile is a great channel for brand advertising. Mobile devices are not only – literally – in all our hands, but also among the things we constantly bear with us and with whom we interact average of 214 times a day. The technical possibilities that we can use in the Mobile Media Channel – by that I mean things that make life easier and give us pleasure and fun – sets us only the creativity limits. I am talking about, for example, localization / GPS, coupons, sound, the motion sensor, the touch screen of the smartphone, mobile payment and more. Soon Mobile will be the ultimate and most comprehensive shopping instrument, which oversees the entire purchase process: And that begins with the creation of attention and end with the purchase completion.

The recipe for success astonished the user in an exciting environment that is based on effective technology

Advertising (which ultimately leads to buy) appeals to emotions, they affect the people. With wide space we call the fire commitment – and that is exactly what we deliver to our customers. We set the focus on the user and the awakening of his emotions. We achieve this and keep our promise to need such a strong and above all workable technology.

From the point of view of the “Brand engagement” does technology effective when intelligent concepts and algorithms are created that we create an emotional or rational connection between people and brands. We analyze behaviors, interactions and communication – always with a focus on engagement. Our Brand algorithm is based on existing user data which is continuously updated with new, updated information, this makes the system always smarter and automates the delivery of relevant advertising. We have found that can receive up to 300 percent more relevant advertising through this self-learning mechanism smartphone users. “Relevant” means for us is advertising, with which the user actually employed and he feels as useful and not as disturbing. This is exactly what leads to a better measure campaign results.

The idea is to offer the user an added value. Relevance is a prerequisite, but also the environment, or the design of the advertisement are important, precisely in order to create that added value. The “right place”, the right environment can of course be determined by different factors. But simply placing an ad on the top of a SOS alarm page, little success is certainly promising. Intrusive advertising that annoys the user simply does not achieve the effect of long-term aim to achieve the recruiter

Our motto is: “. The smallest screen is the Largest media.” Yes, the display may be really small, but the opportunities for using moving image or interaction formats that respond to voice commands, make the smallest screen size! And when it comes to the concentration of the user on a promotional product that already comes close no other channel on the screen of a smartphone.

Effective Mobile Advertising is not limited to clicks

User engagement is not just a single click. A click can prove that the user has engaged in advertising – but it need not. A prolonged view of the advertising, brand preference, a purchase intent can be shown to be alone just by clicks – in some cases, a single click no significance. These are proven facts. It is a pity that yet – even in 2015 – still limit many decision makers in our industry, the mobile channel to measuring Clicks – especially in the German market. Mobile is so much more! While the use of TV and Print decline rapidly Mobile is growing rapidly, and it is still a “casting pearls before swine throw” if one understands Mobile solely as a sales channel.

Most of our customers operate absolutely no Mobile Commerce. Not because it is technically difficult, but because people now time to buy a car using a smartphone – and certainly not the morning drive to work. No, she did not even order a bottle of lemonade. You still have to go to the nearest store to quench their thirst

Anyone who sees an advertisement does not necessarily click -. And who clicked, is not necessarily a buyer. A video ad can turn an ignorant one interested user, while a large CTR campaign does not always have great influence on the willingness to buy. If you only count clicks, you will never see the whole picture, you can miss the chance to build a positive binding to potential buyers if one is limited exclusively to the very last step of the user journey.

challenge and opportunity

Young consumers 27 times per hour between different media channels back and forth. I may have just four seconds of attention of a user to convince him to deal with my brand. The fact is that people are consuming more media content than ever – to the new channels. This is a challenge we have to face. But for us as a company specialized in Premium Mobile Brand Advertising, it is much more: it is a world of possibilities and opportunities



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