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Innovation Forum 2015: What industry 4.0 for the economy means – Business Week

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At the German Innovation Award discussed corporate leaders about the next stage of the digital revolution: the total networking – and what great business models it enables.

The lawn mow some time, the apartment they suck: Robots have arrived in the household chores and take off. Now the second generation of machines helper is nearing the market. About a robotic arm that prepared several dishes in the kitchen, as well as a top chef. Or rolling helper, the older, less mobile people on call bring a book or a blanket.
Soon the plate officials will understand our gestures and respond on cue. And based on our conversations guess that it is time to serve the drinks. “We are witnessing a revolution in robotics,” said Dominik Bösl, Corporate Innovation Manager of the robot manufacturer Kuka, on which was organized by the consulting firm Accenture Innovation Forum in Munich. The event is traditionally held in the run-up to the award of the German Innovation Award.

Help a robot to steal my job!

  • Endangered Jobs

    The fact that the characters the future of digital are – given. However, a journalist for the British-American website Mashable has also published an article which jobs could be replaced as soon as next year of robots. The result is surprising: A look into the present shows that the future is already here often

  • Cleaner

    You mean Scooba 230 or Braava 380: robots that autonomously suck or mop the floor, there are already for a few years. But for complex purifications, such as the removal of bacteria and germs, the human was previously irreplaceable. But this is changing more and more. In a California hospital is already in use cleaning robot that is programmed specifically to combat germs. Use of UV-light, he freed the Hospital of bacteria and mold.

  • Teacher

    Whether e-learning or Moocs: The largest educational trends of recent years were not in the classrooms instead, but on the Internet. But the fact that the profession of teacher could die – it has so far only very few thought. In a school in the US Connecticut, children learn with robots – and very successful. Although the robot can replace or no teacher, but he brings at least the qualification of teaching assistants with.

  • Sportsmen

    The four-time World Footballer Lionel Messi can not defeat him. Three times he takes run-up in full force at goal – but the keeper keeps the ball every time.. Not Manuel Neuer, Iker Casillas or Gianluigi Buffont guard the network, but an overly grinning robots. Japanese scientists are now working on a robot that can next to the undertaking also throwing, race and position itself properly. This would be the first robot that would be able to play in a team with other people.

  • nurse

    to care for the sick may not only be a psychological burden, but also physically. Around the patient aufzuhelfen to turn around or to bed. In a hospital in Singapore which is now done by a robot. The most intelligent bed in the world support the patient during the movements and estimates automatically the speed.

  • Seller

    If the Orchard Supply Hardware Store enters in the US San Jose, is greeted by a rolling white column called OSHbot. The robot has a small display with integrated camera, in which customers can express their wishes. For example, by keeping a certain screw in front of the camera. OShbot identified the screw and then guides the customer directly to the appropriate shelf. Also on the stocks he knows at any time communication

    A video by Oshbot.:

  • Concierge

    In a hotel in the US city Cupertino, situated in the tech hub Silicon Valley, accompanied by a robot named SaviOne, guests at the three-star Hotels Aloft in their rooms. This year the project was still in the testing phase, from 2015, a small army of robots, the guests of the Starwood hotel chain, which also includes the Aloft heard, make them happy.

  • Actors
  • Pilot

    much is automated in an airplane – but so entirely without pilots flesh and blood did not go so far. That does the Advance Institute of Science and Technology Change in South Korea. Pibot is a robot with arms, legs and a head. And to fly through difficult maneuver an aircraft. The next year, which will probably not be possible, at least not in normal passenger traffic. But Pibots time will come, and thought probably faster than today.

Bösl was one of the many managers, entrepreneurs and founders who presented their ideas and expectations to the next stage of the digital revolution. You will profoundly change the traditional business of German industry – and the way we work. This technological disruption at the same time provides the opportunity to offer many new and attractive services business customers and consumers alike, was the conclusion of the experts.
alone, sales of robots to more than double by 2030 to $ 680 billion compared to today. “It will grow a generation R, will be among the intelligent, autonomous robots for everyday life,” expects Kuka Manager. For that to happen, the machines must be equipped with sensors so that they recognize as when a person comes dangerously close to them. You will also be constantly connected to the Internet in order to evaluate the many resulting data in huge data centers by artificial intelligence. This total networking smart machines will operate under the notion industry 4.0 – and just determines the debates on the future of the business location

Stages artificial. Intelligence

  • 1950 – Alan Turing

    The British computer scientist developed the test named after him. He is to determine whether a machine can think like a man. . A Russian chatterbot should have passed it 2014,

  • 1956 – Dartmouth Conference

    Experts agree on the term “artificial intelligence”. The computer IBM 702 is the first research

  • 1974 -. First AI Winter

    wrestling with the researchers: The achievements fell short of expectations. Computers are too slow, their memory is too small to process data of images or sounds. . Budgets are deleted only from 1980 onwards it going again

  • 1997 – Deep Blue

    The IBM supercomputer wins the chess match against world champion Garry Kasparov. The engine rated 200 million positions per second. . 2011 wins IBM Software Watson in the game show “Jeopardy”

  • 2005 – Ray Kurzweil

    The AI ​​researchers say in a book for the year 2045 to the moment of “singularity” ahead: The computing power of computers reaches all human brains. Since 2012, Kurzweil for Google is working on AI systems

  • 2014 -. KI -Boom

    A Google program describes precisely in complete sentences what is seen in the pictures. Food company Nestlé announces to employ 1,000 talking robot named Pepper in his coffee shops in Japan as a seller. Physicist Stephen Hawking warns. AI could one day be super smart – and destroy humanity

  • 2045 – Robot Revolution

    computers are smart as people – and even make jokes. Factories, transport and agriculture are almost completely automated.

Many other devices and machines are the engineers upgrade. About lifts, as Andreas Schierbeck reported. He is the CEO of Germany’s largest lift manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Elevator. Even today, the company equips elevators so with sensors that it is up to three months before a defect occur automatically call a service technician. This reduces maintenance and prevents anyone from getting stuck in the elevator.


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