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 Freescale charging

The Texan semiconductor manufacturer Freescale has introduced a new technology which is expected for wireless charging a significant leap forward mean. Instead of 5 watts to the new, Qi-compliant chip transmission of 15 Watt and thus provide a tripling the speed allow. From the first quarter of 2015, the first devices are already coming to market that support the rapid wireless charging.

When it comes to battery life, smart phone users are still waiting for a revolutionary solution – in terms of really much not happening battery capacity at the moment though, the more, however, at the ways to charge the device. Qi Wireless Charging here is an interesting word, finally allowing the device to charge your phone without the hassle of cables and connectors. Compared to the wired charging there is at least one disadvantage and that might be the loading speed – at least if they do not put on the Freescale recently introduced 15-watt technology. Through a tripling of the regular outputs in wireless charging stations it is possible to shorten the charging time drastically: A 4,000 mAh strong battery that would otherwise require eight hours to fully charge, will in future be recharged in about two and a half hours

Using Qualcomm Quick Charging and similar technologies can indeed be wired achieve something faster loading speeds, but would Wireless Charging thanks to technology from Freescale for many users still be a viable alternative to recharge. However, these methods require that both the charger itself and for the charged smartphone or tablet the technology is installed. If this is not the case, can at least continue charging the normal output of 5 watts perform. In the first quarter of 2015, but should already come the first devices with 15 watt charging option on the market – may we see the technology already in the expected in spring flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S 6 or LG G4

. Is Wireless Charging for you or interesting one for you just the pure battery power? Logs you like to in the comments word

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