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Five Apps for bargain hunting – IMAGE

The Merry Christmas is almost on the doorstep. But only the stressful gift purchase in the crowded stores must be overcome. IMAGE introduces you to five applications that make the shopping experience more enjoyable and explains how the apps on the beacon technology to work.

discounts, coupons, consumer information – these features attract the provider of shopping apps. They work on the so-called beacon technology can locate and navigate the smartphone.

What are beacons?

Beacon Beacon is translated. The technology was developed to allow navigation in confined areas. Therefore be energy-saving Blootooth 4.0 – generates radio signals – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

beacons may be even smartphones. However, as a rule, mini transmitters are installed in shops that crosslink at a fixed radius with the mobile phones of the users and further the signals to them.

The contents of these signals can be bargain-actions, useful consumer tips or price comparisons. They come in the form of push messages to the consumer. But beacons can navigate to this user products in stores.

Which shopping apps are there?



Photo: Manufacturers

shopnow With the bonus app (iPhone, Android) can earn points collect and get hold of premiums. It does not even have to buy anything. The bonus points are already collected when a business partner of shopnow is entered (10-15 points). More points are awarded when scanning (7-24 points) of codes.

The awards will be available in the form of vouchers at the end. When you have collected 150 points, for example, there is a credit note for 5 euros.

Currently there are only shops in Berlin and Hamburg partners (eg Deichmann and Hallhuber) of shopnow, an expansion in Germany but is planned.



Photo: Manufacturers

Even with Yoints it comes to picking points, but does this App (iPhone, Android), not only in retail, but can also be applied in cafes and restaurants. The collected points, the “hot Yoints can be redeemed for rewards.

In 3000 Yoints there are, for example, a Germany-shirt, for 49 000 even an iPhone 6. The smallest collection unit (when entering the shops or cafés) 50 Yoints. In addition to premiums collected points can be donated as for example Shelters also to social projects.

shop kick


Photo: Manufacturers

In the US shop kick is already huge, for several weeks, the provider is also active in Germany. In the application (iPhone, Android) there are points in the form of kicks. Also here is already collected upon entering the shops, there are more scanning or buy.

For a scanned product, there are 325 kicks, for entering a participating business at least 35. In 1250 kicks you get a coupon of 5 euros. Shopkick has developed the broadest Portal (eg Media Markt, Douglas, Obi).



Photo: Manufacturers

barcoo is not about premiums, but rather to learn about products. Also, consumer tips are part of the application. Barcoo includes food traffic light and compare the prices of different suppliers.

Behind the application (iPhone, Android) sits an editorial team selects the information and written texts. Barcoo is useful added value in the form of bonus points there, however.



Photo: Manufacturers

Gettings (iPhone, Android) focused on the bargains search and shows where lurk discounts and voucher promotions nearby. Is displayed on a map, where exactly is the place of supply.

The Beacon technology of shopping apps is helpful and confident with awards and bonus programs for purchasing. With data protection it depends, however, not very good. Trade can namely so easily gather information of consumers for market research purposes. How much the collecting of my personal data for the user remains controllable, is unclear. For if the app is active, the trading of the user locates the smartphone automatically.

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