Monday, December 8, 2014

Less technology, more sex! – Yahoo! Lifestyle Germany

Today the smartphone from our everyday life is not indispensable. Unfortunately, this also means, however, that it accompanies us not only to work or during our leisure, but also into the bedroom. According to a new US study this has the consequence that many couples have less sex. Among women, there are all of 70 percent who believe that technology affects their love life negatively.

“We see [mobile phones] everywhere,” said Sarah Coyne, a psychologist at Brigham Young University, and director of the investigation , “For example, in the restaurant where couples have their smartphones are on the table -.. Both partners That makes it easier to reach for it when it rings”

As part of the study were 143 married women or women taken into relationships under the microscope and asked when, where and how often she and her partner their gadgets (next to smartphones and laptops, and computer) use and whether this would lead to conflicts. It turned out that especially computer cause problems, closely followed by mobile phones. 62 percent of the women complained that the technology at least once a day disturb the cozy intimacy.

A quarter of the participants also stressed that it would disturb when the partner Sending SMS during a call. Therefore Sarah Coyne, according it makes sense to establish rules to prevent quarrels and possibly separation.

“It is by no means silly when couples make rules with respect to technology,” said the expert. “It can help if you talk about what is ok and what is not when it comes to gadgets at the dinner table or in the bedroom already.”

By the way, does not only benefit the relationship, but also the health, when his cell phone banished from the bedroom. Therefore it is easier not only easier to fully concentrate on his / his sweetheart, but you also sleep much better



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