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“Technology is tricky situations defuse” – Radio Bremen Online

A novelty in the Fußball-Bundesliga: The Torlinientechnik comes. The first division team have opted in Frankfurt for the introduction. 15 teams were in favor, including Werder Bremen. Three voted against. “We are pleased with the vote,” said Werder manager Klaus Filbry, who was for Werder in Frankfurt. Phantom Goals and controversial scenes are now a thing of the past.

 On a wristwatch, the word Goal [Source: DPA]

Source: DPA

The Hawk Eye technology has prevailed. So far, they came mainly in tennis used.

The technology will mitigate some tricky situations. It is a good decision for the fans, for the Bundesliga and also an overdue support for the work of our referees.

(Werder Bremen general manager Klaus Filbry)

Since years, we say that we would like to have this technology. The technical aid has, I think, proved at the World Cup. In the group match against France there was a situation that would not have been so can be resolved.

(Bundesliga referee Peter Gagelmann from Bremen)

The request for reconsideration vote Bayern Munich had made In the first vote on 24 March, 24 of the 36 professional clubs have had to defend against the amendment -. for financial reasons. This time the second division were not included, only the first division voted. Previously, the DFL was determined in a tender among various providers of Torlinientechnik the expected costs. Werder manager Klaus Filbry was there in Frankfurt.

decision long on the brink

Until shortly before the meeting, traditionalists and technology advocates were hardly in the dispute come closer. The fraction of the FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund strengthened himself, and with reference to the necessary assistance to the referee for the technology. In contrast, opponents referred Eintracht Frankfurt as CEO Heribert break Hagen on the required application for the use of the systems that are not, in his view in relation to the benefits. In addition, the Bundesliga is always done well under the previous rules. So it came ultimately to the group of undecided clubs.

Seven cameras monitor the gate

At the Hawk-Eye system register seven directed at each gate cameras centimeter accuracy the position of the ball. A scoring reports the system in just a second to the referee. The clock on the wrist of the referees vibrates and flashes, a beep audio alert on the headset. It is possible also to show in stadiums like in tennis is a graphical presentation of the scene

Top 5. What are the pros and against?


. 1 We live in the age of technology. Cars can einparken alone, talk mobile phones and fly planes without pilots – but just the billion dollar football closes the art? Please do not. Referees are also only human. You can not see everything, but that supposedly have. Can technology help to take the referee out of the firing line, the cost is only justified.

. 2 Because the aftermath of the Phantomtors of Sinsheim and Torklau in the cup final for football had just embarrassingly simple. The trial and Internet campaign against “scorer” Stefan Kiessling and the discussions about possibly undeserved Cup victory could have been easily avoided.

. 3 Cost in the high six figures are easy to lift for professional football. TV and international marketing rinse in the coming seasons yet more millions into the coffers of the league and clubs. Been awarded the “World Champion League” must also state of the art.

. 4 The fear of cameras or magnetic fields are only the beginning of technical intervention, is bogus. Existentially in football are the gates – alone must be clear and unambiguous refereed. About everything else can be discussed.

. 5 Even the dusty guardians of International Football Association Board (IFAB) have kept the introduction of the technique right. That says it all. And the World Cup has shown that the technique actually works.


. 1 In recent years, never before has a goal not given about championships, up or descents decided.

. 2 The German football loses with the technology in the elite class, the clean lines -. In the 2. Bundesliga, the 3. Liga, in the first round of the German Cup and in the amateurs suddenly by different standards would be measured as in the Bundesliga

. 3 The wrong decisions of the referee are similar in general in the season off, unlike co-games in major tournaments.

. 4 Phantom goals are scored as rare as snow in July. And only three to six times in the season it comes to the question of whether the ball had crossed the line or not. In addition, most referees make the right decision. In the Bundesliga is discussed more often on offside and foul.

. 5 The Stammtische lose a number of discussions. Who would still passionately argue today about Wembley in 1966?
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December 4, 2014


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