Monday, December 8, 2014

German wearables are still skeptical about –

The Germans are not necessarily in the forefront when it comes to the use of new technologies. You approach the brave new digital world rather reserved. This shows, among other things, a recent study of online marketer Tomorrow Focus Media, who has studied the most important future trends.

Interest in Wearables , where technology leaders such as Apple , Samsung and Microsoft are working flat out, is then with only a third of respondents currently rather low. Just under a quarter can imagine, actually buying a networked watches, glasses, or clothing. For quite unlikely that hold even just 40 percent. See the biggest advantage of Tomorrow Focus Media in the monthly survey “Social Trends” online respondents the increased comfort (25.2 percent), followed from getting all the information to have and to be able to multitask available. However, almost half sees no benefit in it. On the contrary, Three Quarter fear to be distracted with the wearables from material things. Much more open stand respondents, however, compared with the trend topic Connected Cars . The automotive manufacturers ar e placing a strong emphasis on equipping their vehicles with IT, driver assistance systems and communication technology. Two-thirds of respondents consider the connected car for a meaningful and useful extension that gives them added value. Only one in three sees a pointless gimmick. In the control of more than one-third perspective would prefer a voice control. The touchscreen would like to draw every fourth his car. About a projection onto the windscreen – the Head-up display – already thinking of every ten. Simply go as far’d like 16.4 percent.

When asked about the type of messages are ranked as mobility information about the current traffic situation at the top (86.2 percent), followed by vehicle information (77.3 percent). For 20.9 or 17.6 percent would be willing to pay. More than half of the respondents may, however, be difficult warming to the idea to lie for the additional services money.

Not only with networked cars, even with the networked Living has Tomorrow Focus Media busy. Again, the enthusiasm at the moment is still cautious. A quarter of the possibilities is interesting that provide technologies in the home environment. For 35 percent of central control of multimedia, heating, electricity, light and water, or the provision of security and energy efficiency via mobile devices are less or not at all interesting. Of those who have great interest in networked living, indicate nearly 70 percent, to want to use mainly alarm systems and alarm systems. The automatic control of lighting and coffee, however, is only of interest for each second. For half warning systems would be willing to pay. pap

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