Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LG shows 4K Ultra HD TV with Quantum Dot on CES –

LG Electronics has expanded its portfolio of Ultra HD and OLED TVs and wants in January at CES in Las Vegas for the first time a 4K Ultra HD TV imagine Dot technology with Quantum. Which is based on quantum dots technology enables a wider color range and better color saturation. The new TV is supposed to be 2015 available.

Similar to Sony Triluminos technology is also LG’s new “Quantum Dot technology “a very wide color gamut again and will thus offer especially for playback of 4K content. This color nuances and shades of color can be represented better. LG will present his TV set with Quantum dot technology at CES (Central Hall, Booth 8204) and thus expand its 4K TV portfolio.

Basically, the use of quantum dots in TV sets not new. To put Sony for example, in January 2013 CES appropriate device with improved LED backlight under the name Triluminos ago.

 LG 4K Ultra HD TVs with Quantum Dot technology (Picture: LG)

LG 4K Ultra HD TVs with Quantum Dot technology (Picture: LG)

LG’s technology uses nanocrystals in the size range between two to ten nanometers , Depending on the size radiates from every point of a different color. By adding a layer of quantum dots in front of the LCD backlight, the color spaces can be expanded and greatly improve the overall brightness.

Since the points radiate very vivid image with nano-size quantum dot technology developed features that LG 4K Ultra HD In-Plane Switching (IPS) displays further. The color space of IPS panels from LG, which, according to LG already has a high color accuracy and panel due also offer wide viewing angles, to be raised by 30 percent by adding the quantum dot layer.

Positive: LG 4K Ultra HD TVs with Quantum dot technology to contain cadmium or other toxic heavy metals.

“The bright and lively color reproduction capabilities of Quantum Dot technology beat for LG LCD TVs, a new chapter in terms of image quality,” said In-Kyu Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of the Department for TVs and monitors in the business LG Electronics Home Entertainment.

There For sizes and pricing from LG so far no details. Sony offers 4K models with Triluminos display 49-85 inches in price from 1,600 to 20,000 €. Christmas Giveaway 2014 – participate and win


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