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ZURICH. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 12/01/2014 –

Technological advances in Sequana Medical’s alfa pump system enable patients and their physicians to better cope with the stressful symptoms of treatment-resistant ascites (so-called. refractory ascites), an excessive accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity as a result of liver disease or late-stage cancer. Clinicians can use the pump function thanks to the new DirectLink technology, improved communication function, now remotely monitor.

Patients with liver disease or late-stage cancer require intensive therapy. A thorough symptoms such as ascites for patients, many of whom are waiting for a liver transplant is of critical importance. The accumulation of ascitic fluid in the abdominal cavity can cause pain and breathing difficulties that impede good nutrition and physical activities and often cause painful abdominal wall hernias.

The Swiss medical technology company Sequana Medical has with the development of alfa pump, the , pioneered the first and only internal pump for automatic and continuous removal of ascites. Now patients treated by the new Direct Link technology is further improved.

Before the alfa pumping system was available, the large volume paracentesis for most patients with refractory ascites was the only treatment. This lengthy and invasive procedure for abdominal drainage of ascites fluid requires regular clinic visits. The procedure in which a needle is inserted into the abdomen to drain the fluid, is often very stressful for patients.

Prof. Andreas Geier, head of the center of gravity of the Hepatology Department of Medicine II, University Hospital Würzburg (FM), has alfa pump used with DirectLink technology as part of a Limited Market release as the first user in Germany. He explains: “The patients reported a significant gain in quality of life, especially through the newly gained independence from a close-knit outpatient and inpatient partly re-presentation. Like the other six supplied by us patient with the conventional pump system are also these pilot patients with the performance of ascites pump and the quality of life thus gained very satisfied. “

In Switzerland the Inselspital Bern to the limited market share participated. PD Dr. med. Andrea De Gottardi, hepatologist at the University Clinic of Visceral Surgery and Medicine, has more than 25 patients treated with alfa pump system, and is excited about the new technology. He says: “We are very pleased with the new system. The remote transmission of data to facilitate patient management significantly, and we have found that patients with the new technology usually less follow-ups have to be mobilized, which is natural for them to be of great advantage in terms of quality of life. “

Noel Johnson, CEO of Sequana Medical, explains: “We are very pleased with the improvement of clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients who are treated with alfa pump. Thanks alfa pump ascites patients can manage without repeated large-volume paracentesis, nor the risks of conventional treatment methods are thus exposed. Thanks to the remote monitoring function of the DirectLink technology, we expect a gain in efficiency for healthcare professionals and an improved sense of safety for patients. “

The wide launch of the new alfa pump system in the main European markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway) December 2014 carried. Other countries will follow in 2015, with certain limitations on the SIM card activation.

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