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Technology Trends – What 2015 digitally important – Sü

Can mesmerized Apple to buy his SmartWatch? The tech bubble burst? May I put on my grandma’s sofa virtual reality glasses? Answers to these questions and a look at the tech 2015.

From John Kuhn San Francisco

Let’s start with the most unpleasant question:

Bursts the tech bubble in 2015

“bubble Who says that there is a? bubble? “, answer the optimists from the country’s raining bills, also known as Silicon Valley.

Internet and software are here to stay and grow, but may in the face of absurd investors reviews (five billion US dollars be allowed a question for a coworking provider 425 million for a marijuana delivery service): Is optimism a synonym for “money like a drunken man in the village pub bang on the head”

To get back to the question: The answer to Bladder question is “no”, which is related to unbridled liquidity, ordinary economic outlook in the US and the low oil price, which should make for low interest rates until the middle of the year. The party is not over, even if in the basement throw some startups money lavishly in the kiln.

Everything on mobile

However, that will even admit pessimists, the digital transformation process actually stunning. The mobile Internet the second great era has begun after the World Wide Web, the giant fixed internet run the risk of entering into such a pants by Calvin Klein in the washing machine (if anyone remembers this brand) .

At the end of this year should the Google market share in mobile advertising drop to well below 50 percent, Facebook in 2015 its 20 percent increase significantly. With location-based and tailored to personal Intererssen smartphone Advertising Mark Zuckerberg happy today its US users, Germany is expected in a few months (NB, privacy debate!). Google in turn will be profitable for many years, but the first time implies a loss of special status, as it already IBM, Microsoft, and Yahoo have experienced (if anyone remembers the brands).

That Google for its non Data spectacles sold probably now have to set up your own store in headquarters Mountain View, shows the problem of Wearables : Wearable Technology should act decently and well made, the carrier, but above all must not suddenly look like a cyborg – published three errors so, attach the glass.

Is a clock the last word?

Apple in the spring watch Apple Watch is a surprisingly imperfect product (can not be used without a phone, probably low battery life), but significantly less googelig. Apple’s reputation as a status symbol mark is sufficient to introduce enough buyers to the digital mode. This will in turn allow experts proclaim the SmartWatch age again. As early as in 2013 and 2014. ‘/ P>

The eternal recurrence of the same forecast has indeed the advantage that a) at any time they might actually arrive and b) at the end no one checks to see who danebenlag. However, whether the wrist is really the right place on the body to smoothly interact with digital technology? The imagination of the author is here almost as limited as with the notion that NFC payment services as Apple Pay electronic cards foreseeable displace (the e-mail address for protesting Apple fans can be found at the end of this article ).

Reliable forecasts for the virtual reality is to get … well, unrealistic. After all, it can be said that the demos were always better in the course of this year and the start of the Oculus Rift will cause a stir and long aesthetic treatises on the arts pages (probably in the second half of 2015).

Several companies and open source projects are currently working on applications that are still far away from Holodeck visions. So we postpone the question of whether we really have to do it with a significant new Internet-surface, in the year 2016. The main hindrances from fashionable aspects of the way: It looks pretty stupid, with a gigantic virtual reality helmet on his head enter the bus or sitting at Grandma on the couch.

drones arrive at Amtsschimmel

Perhaps in 2015 more people with 3-D printers as the Oculus Rift come into contact, because the price drop makes the devices now theoretically for the home affordable. Faced with a flood of printed vases is a crash of the flea market prices for flowers vessels to fear, otherwise, however, the hype seems at present over before it has even started.

Also civil drones put their triumphant success, at least until she gets the red tape from the sky. Your Regulation will provide for discussions, as further About (output open) encryption as a result of monitor (supervisor vs. tech firms vs . Activists vs. apathetic public), the social consequences of the automation (writes the next year journalism robot this text?) and the evaluation of sensors data (should Sonntagsfahrer for their caution ?. get a cheaper car insurance)

Industry 4.0 and other hollow phrases

2015, technologies worth a look, the place only in a few years real mass application: New research in artificial intelligence and robotics determine the direction of new applications. If we understand it. And who at parties the phrase “not Bitcoin, but the block chain behind it is the real innovation because it enables a truly decentralized Internet” says that although drives all interlocutors to flight, but applies in a few years as visionary. Or spinner (the fate of many tech Prophet).

Other trends such as the “Internet of Things “, the POS will let it ring from tech conference organizers, but the user still only very slowly interesting. Who wants to join his front door to the Internet when the key opens the door

And anyway? Before we talk about the “Internet of Things” or hollow phrases like “Industry 4.0″, we were Germans just happy , finally patchy ‘Internet of fast speeds “aka enjoy broadband network. But we have to be patient a few more years.


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