Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bundesliga results in a goal-line technology – N24

The League looks to the future. At the general meeting of the DFL voted the vast majority of top-flight clubs for the introduction of the Hawk-Eye. Only three clubs were against it.

In the Bundesliga next season comes from the goal-line used. At the general meeting of the German Football League said in Frankfurt am Main, according to league president Reinhard Rauball a sufficient majority of 15 first division for the Hawk-Eye system from three clubs voted against it. “I think it’s for the German football is a step forward,” Rauball said.

The request for reconsideration vote had FC Bayern Munich made. Impetus was to discuss a non-given goal of Dortmunders Mats Hummels in the German Cup final against Bayern. In the first vote on 24 March, 24 of the 36 professional clubs have had to defend against the amendment – for financial reasons

This time, voted the second division not vote, the decision applies only to the House of Lords. , “We are delighted with this clear decision,” said DFL CEO Andreas Rettig. Even a two-thirds majority of twelve clubs would have sufficed. Before the vote, the DFL was determined in a tender among providers, the cost of the technology. Somewhat surprisingly, the League was now the Hawk-Eye system preference, which is already used in the English Premier League successfully used. It was an “excellent price” has been made in the negotiations, assured Rettig.

Looking up was the manufacturer of the computer-controlled GoalControl from Wuerselen in the Rhineland, the world governing body FIFA last sat at the World Cup in Brazil. Also, the magnetic-field-based system Goal Ref found at the DFL no consent.

Until shortly before the meeting, traditionalists and technology advocates were very little progress in the dispute. The fraction of the FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund strengthened himself, and with reference to the necessary assistance to the referee for the technology. In contrast, opponents referred Eintracht Frankfurt as CEO Heribert break Hagen on the required application for the use of the systems that are not, in his view in relation to the benefits. In addition, the Bundesliga is always done well under the previous rules. So it came ultimately to the group of undecided clubs on.


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