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Leading global investors support the strategic foray into the … – Finanztreff


Leading global investors support the strategic foray into the European market with promising figures for the Middle East and good growth prospects in 2015.

NEW YORK, LONDON and DOHA, Qatar – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 16/12/2014 –

Arabia Weather, a leading provider of weather products, services and solutions for consumers and businesses in the Arab world, published after the conclusion of the current round of funding today to know more about his plans to expand further into the European market as well as new partnerships and growth in the region to pursue. follows

This message on the recent financing round led by the new Investors Badia Impact Fund, a venture capital fund that belongs to the silicone Badia, in addition to existing investors like Jabbar Internet Group, led by the founders of the Arab success story Maktoob, Dash Ventures, MENA Venture Investments and others. The Badia Impact Fund is supported by global investors, including European financial institutions, including the European Investment Bank.

Arabia Weather was founded by Mohammed Al-Shaker, a young Jordanian entrepreneur who played a critical role in the Meteorological Services industry , In contrast to the perception outside the region, the weather conditions in Arab countries are very diverse and variable. With the suite of Arabia Weather platforms and mobile products consumers and businesses to timely and obtain accurate local weather forecasts in Arabic – this is an important distinction to the myriad of non-Arab weather services on the market

The development of Arabia Weather technology. processes raw, isolated weather data points using proprietary algorithms and numerical Super-computing models for the highest resolutions into structured information that is offered as an easy-to-understand, national and appealing weather information for consumers and businesses.

Al-Shaker plans further expansion of Arabia Weather in the business customer segment and drives while advancing the consolidation of the consumer segment, registered in the Weather Arabia since November 2013, around 20 million unique visitors to its platform. “The weather has a major impact on the economy of the region, but many companies do not yet provide the right solutions. We want to change that and make our offerings and infrastructure in 2015, significantly expanded thanks to recent investments in order to get the robust momentum we have observed in the last quarter of 2014 in several industries, “said the commentary by Al-shaker.

The importance of accurate weather forecasts for companies is often underestimated. Particularly in vertical markets such as the oil and gas industry, media, insurance and aviation are changes in the weather, a business critical issue. The applications and services offered by the team led by Al-Shaker, provide customized solutions for these requirements.

In the consumer segment will meet Arabia Weather high expectations for continuous availability, which characterizes all Western markets, where consistent , cross-platform predictions from different vendors are available. Such an offer has not existed in the Arab world, despite the strong public demand. With attractive, national and precise services that are tailored to the Arab market, Arabia Weather trying to solve this problem.

The leading Arab companies that already use the platform to show the success of this model and the demand for a such information offered in the region. In air transport can cause bad weather delays which cause high costs. Early weather reports can minimize these losses while increasing safety. Royal Jordanian, one of the leading airlines in the region, is the solution of Arabia Weather in to optimize the design, reduce costs, eliminate losses and to improve safety. In the media industry Arabia Weather is used by two of the largest stations in the region, Al-Arabiya and Sharjah TV to precisely the audience, regional and relevant weather forecasts to offer and to achieve higher advertising revenue from the weather.

View of the investment and the plans of the company in 2015, said Namek Zu’bi, Managing Partner, Badia Impact Fund: “We are delighted to be supporting Mohammed and Arabia Weather-family along with other renowned investors. Weather Arabia has shown us through his successful work that it has the potential to build a large business segment in the weather – especially in the area of ​​corporate customers, we want 2015 with a much improved offer. This investment is part of our efforts to identify the most dynamic companies in all industries and support – a goal that underlies our strategy for Europe as well as the Middle of the East and the US “

Arabia Weather was. founded by Al-shaker, then the co-founder Osama Al-Yousef Wadi Tarifi and as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer hired. In these roles both still carry responsibility

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Notes to Editors:.

About Silicon Badia:

Silicon Badia is based in Amman, Jordan, as well as in New York City and invests in technology companies in Jordan, the Middle East and the USA. His goal is to merge business start-ups, investors and companies from these regions. Silicon Badia is a member of Accelerator Technology Holdings family of funds. The Badia Impact Fund is a venture capital fund to invest in early-stage start-up companies in the technology sector with a regional focus on Jordan and the Middle East. The Badia Impact Fund provides entrepreneurs support services, networks and provide funds to achieve a global effect. For more information, see www.siliconbadia.com

About Arabia Weather:.

Arabia Weather is the leading provider of weather products, services and solutions for consumers and businesses in the Middle East. Millions of consumers across the Middle East use our websites and mobile applications and take advantage of current, accurate and localized weather information in Arabic. In addition, we offer solutions for meteorological area companies from sectors such as media, aviation, insurance, oil and gas, retail and others. Our service for consumers, see www.arabiaweather.com and for companies under http://corporate.arabiaweather.com/.

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