Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Perforce Software: Four technology predictions for 2015 – PresseBox (press release)


– The Internet of Things will promote a new, cross-functional nature of the cooperation among previously separated teams
– DevOps, continuous delivery and other methods. previously used exclusively in software development, will spread to other divisions
-. software vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed will continue to occur. The industry will be faced with the first major security incident relating to privacy or data collection and transmission in a networked device
-. 2015, the automotive industry is making significant progress in the development of regulations for self-propelled cars, by the end of the current decade, the concept is already a reality

Perforce Software takes a look into the future and predicts the technology trends for the coming year 2015. The general tenor is:. product development and product design teams are increasingly technologies and best practices from software development to take. They are increasingly rely on cross-team collaboration, because it is necessary for the development of equipment for the Internet of Things

“By 2015, we will receive for the first time to really feel what is now predicted for years.: Software can not be everywhere, “said Christopher Seiwald, founder and CEO of Perforce. “Other industries and departments will take technologies and best practices in the software development industry. This will continue to develop its part to cope with the mass of interconnected devices can “

The four predictions Perforce 2015 are as follows:.

defines the Internet of Things new cooperation : In smart devices, hardware and software connect. According to the teams that work on these components will also need to work more closely together. Software developer, for example, appropriate programming interfaces (APIs) must have an eye constantly to ensure that the millions of devices can be seamlessly with each other and connect to the Internet. Both DevOps and Continuous Delivery: DevOps and Continuous Delivery are also outside of software development, use -, companies will adapt with new methods and technologies to these changing requirements of cross-functional teams

. Although its roots in software development, its key principles for collaboration and automation, however, will spread to teams around the company. 2015 take on disciplines such as design engineering software development methods such as version management. In this way, companies will be more efficient and productive in different industries

software remains vulnerable and the Internet of things does not make it better :. Security risks by vulnerable software will become more frequent and Bugs like Heartbleed are part of everyday life. The Internet of Things will open up APIs to devices that were not previously linked, new opportunities for security breaches. 2015, the first long-range security incident in the Internet of Things will be complaining, either in the form of an error in data collection or transmission or in the form of a data breach

-. Self-propelled cars come to the real application again one step closer : Even if the technology is already available behind the self-driving car and prototypes have been built successfully, concerns will continue to insist on the liability, insurance and legal implications. The automotive industry in 2015 will make significant progress to bring such vehicles on the road, but before the end of the current decade, they will not be established.

          Perforce offers one of the industry’s most innovative platforms for version management and collaboration. Perforce protects the valuable intellectual property of its clients and allows teams to work together, arise without file conflicts. The solution manages data for all assets of any type, from source code on industrial designs to business documents. The company’s technology is characterized by the ability to manage large amounts of binary content and at the same time to be scalable enough to support globally distributed teams – for enterprises is a crucial prerequisite in with Continuous delivery methods better products be able to produce shorter time. According to an independent study, companies that migrate to Perforce, by up to 15 percent increase the productivity of their developers and publish the ir products by up to 25 percent faster. About 10,500 customers use Perforce, from start-ups to some of the world’s most innovative and important brands such as Samsung, NVIDIA, SAP, Pixar, National Instruments, Salesforce.com, and the New York Stock Exchange. All Perforce products as well as the access to the award-winning technical support Perforce are free for up to 20 users. The company is headquartered in Alameda in the US state of California, with offices in the UK, Canada and Australia and cooperating with partners around the world. More information is available at www.perforce.com.


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