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BUSINESS WIRE: ENEVATE is the HD-Energy ® technology for Li-ion batteries … – Finanztreff


A new anode technology, mainly on the basis of silicone materials, allowing Li-ion batteries with high energy density

IRVINE, Calif. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 09/12/2014 –

ENEVATE Corporation, a leading developer of advanced rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the HD energy® technology for Li known ion batteries. Enevates HD-Energy technology enables rechargeable Li-ion polymer cells of high energy density using a new anode, mainly on the basis of silicone materials, which is four times greater energy density than conventional graphite anodes.

ENEVATE Corporation, Based in Irvine, California, is focused on the delivery of advanced Li-ion batteries for smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin / hybrid notebook PCs and portable devices, the supply of much higher energy density in a thinner form considered as enabling longer maturities in less space.

“ENEVATE uses a unique, truly new and innovative approach to silicon anodes for the supply of Li-ion batteries,” said Dr. John Goodenough, carriers of the National Medal of Science of the United States that contributed to the invention of the Li-ion battery and a professor of materials science at the University of Texas-Austin. “I am impressed because their technology and their method is practical, easy to prepare and sufficiently cost effective for producing high-volume consumer electronics.”

Enevates new HD-energy technology has been developed in several years of proprietary research and uses anodes, which consist mainly of silicone materials for rechargeable Li-ion polymer batteries, which increase the energy density compared to graphite anode cells dramatically. While conventional graphite anodes 372 mAh g can save / pure silicone has the potential through an alloying process to be able to store up to 4200 mAh / g. The detached, flexible and conductive anodes consist mainly of silicone in a complex micro matrix material, which is 100 percent active and inactive or no “dead space” contains -Bindemitteln and developed for production in large quantities. The HD-Energy technology provides a monolithic or “single-particle” -Anode with high performance, which today allows cell design of a nuclear power density of up to 700 to 800 Wh / L, with a life cycle that is comparable to graphite cells. Competitive approaches using nanowires or nanop articles are difficult and expensive to mass production. Other approaches, the silicon oxide (SiO) to use as a solution additives for graphite anodes, do not provide sufficient performance improvement.

“We’ve Li-ion cells of very high energy density to mass production with our new HD-Energy technology using developed by existing mainly from silicone anodes, “said Dr. Benjamin Park, CTO of ENEVATE. “This new and different approach allows us a roadmap for 1000 Wh / L to achieve volumetric energy density, which is very exciting to differ in mobile entertainment.”

“Imagine, to achieve something with four times the energy density in smartphones and other mobile devices, “said Jarvis Tou, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products at ENEVATE. “A sleek product design with a significant energy improvement generates opportunities for energy-intensive funct Onen, such as new software options, better displays, always-on sensors, improved camera, faster connection and improved performance.”

Enevates proprietary cell designs use the HD -Energy technology and also have very low AC impedance and very low resistance, usually less than half of the graphite cells. Enevates Li-ion batteries use cathode, separator and electrolyte in today’s ecosystem of ENEVATE and have been developed to meet the UN, UL and CTIA security certifications have been developed. ENEVATE HD Energy Technology provides combined properties that are ideal for use in sleek mobile devices to allow longer run times, new energy-hungry functions and thinner product designs.

About ENEVATE ( www.enevate.com )

The ENEVATE Corporation is a pioneering company in the field of rechargeable energy storage, which refers to the mobile devices next generation concentrated. The company’s headquarters are located in Irvine, California. Enevates batteries with their groundbreaking HD-energy technology provide a significant performance increase compared to conventional Li-ion batteries. Investors include Mission Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Tsing Capital, Infinite Potential Technologies, Presidio Ventures – a company of Sumitomo Corporation, and CEC Capital. ENEVATE, the ENEVATE logo and HD-Energy are registered trademarks of ENEVATE Corporation.

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