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Capital of Culture 2015: Mons celebrates after the motto “Technology Meets Culture” – RP ONLINE

Mons. Mons is Europe’s Capital of Culture 2015, together with Pilsen in the Czech Republic. The Belgian town celebrates under the slogan “Technology Meets Culture”. Therefore, there is both the oldest and see the most popular search engine in the world.

Steep is the path through the Rue Cronque up to the belfry of Mons. As of 1661, the massive tower was built as a defiant symbol of free bourgeoisie against the power of the ruling aristocracy. Since 1999, the landmark of Mons is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Next year, the tower is a more more significant flagship: the Belgian town of 2015 is one of two European Capitals of Culture alongside the Czech Pilsen

a prestigious past meet visitors at every step in Mons and in the county of Borinage.. “For 1830, more coal was promoted as in Germany and France,” said Jean-Pierre Masselus city guide. Because the industry was booming, dug the artificial waterway Canal du Centre from 1882 to the east of Mons – with four hydraulic boat-lifts, filigree iron structures. But that is the past.

Today overcome barges in the largest ship lift in the world Strépy-Thieu the difference in height of 73 meters. About the historic canal cruise tourists nowadays with small excursion boats. Art lovers visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in the Bergwerksbauten Grand Hornu. The four boat lifts and Grand Hornu count as examples of industrial revolution also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The future of the region has already begun only a ten minute drive away. Behind house-high earthen walls isolated from the outside world, Google operates between Mons and Saint -Ghislain since September 2010 one of its European data centers. “Our motto” Technology Meets Culture “is therefore more than just a buzzword,” says Yves Vasseur. The 63-year-old former radio journalist and man of the theater is the curator of “Mons 2015″.

Since February 2010, the decision to Mons fell, Vasseur dealt intensively with the project. 65 million euros he can take in hand. The program includes more than 100 projects from theater to music, literature and fashion to digital technologies. If the official start of the Jubilee Year is celebrated on 24 January 2015 citizens and visitors in 20 different places to track a spectacle of theater and dance, music and lighting in and around Mons. There will be approximately in the gardens of the belfry tower high above the city, a fire-breathing dragon parade figures. “Guests will Mons see with new eyes,” promises Vasseur.

From 24 January to 17 May 2015 for Mons in one of the Topausstellungen Capital of Culture year. “Van Gogh in the Borinage – the birth of an artist” in the BAM – to see the Museum of Fine Arts. This applies randomly good: The Capital of Culture year in Mons and the 125th year of death of the great artist fall 2015 together

Van Gogh lived from August 1879 to October 1880 in Cuesmes in Mons.. During the time when the workers in the Borinage he ended his career as a lay preacher and pursued a career as an artist. Drawings of workers and industrial plants emerged during these months. “Van Gogh came from upper-class environment. What he saw in the mining area here, was for him the bare Middle Ages,” says city leaders Masselus.

Other exhibitions devoted to local history, for example. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Grand-Hornu shows under the title “Saint George, the Dragon and death” (18 October 2015 to 17 January 2016) paintings, drawings and miniatures of the saints. Because on the Grand Place in Mons place since the 14th century annually on the Sunday after Pentecost, the folkloric spectacle “Doudou” instead, the Battle of St. George with fire-breathing dragon. Even this figure stake since 2005 on the UNESCO List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Technology Meets Culture – which is aptly now because Google is in Mons and there is also the world’s first tag archive here. The Mundaneum , The search engine is made of paper, wood, small index card filing cabinets and dark brown. The tag archive was invented in 1895 by the Belgian librarian Paul Otlet and developed by him up to the 1930s, together with Henri La Fontaine. It is, of course: Unesco World Heritage Site. “The Mundaneum consists of six kilometers archive documents with twelve million index cards,” said spokeswoman Delphine Jenart. In the cultural capital of the Mundaneum 120 years old, in June 2015, the collection draws in a prestigious building on Rue de Nimy. From September 2015, the Collection

Bridges should be open to the public to build from the past to the future -. Symbolically stands for, the new station of Mons. While the bold structure will not be ready before 2017, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. But it leads from the Old Town to the railway tracks to the new Convention Centre by Daniel Libeskind, which will open the festival year. Mons hopes to attract as Cultural Capital of about two million visitors. This could bring the city of new jobs. In the past so rich industrial region around Mons, the unemployment rate is now about 20 percent – despite Google

Source: AP

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