Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Measles and mumps: Government will undertake vaccination advice for parents – Reuters

Before parents send

their child in a day care center, they should continue to undergo mandatory vaccination advice. This provision was included in the short term, according to the Ministry of Health in the comprehensive prevention law to the Cabinet happen in the coming week. A ministry spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday the corresponding information “Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung”. A compulsory vaccination was not planned.

In the Kita-registration parents should submit evidence in future that they were advised medically necessary vaccinations. “We want to ensure that parents remember the vaccination recommendations and increase vaccination rates,” said the spokeswoman.

Despite all the information campaigns have so far not succeeded in childhood diseases such as eradicate measles or mumps. Pediatricians see this with concern, especially as more and more young children are cared for in community facilities in Germany. Especially they have an increased risk of developing late effects such as the deadly measles infection SSPE.

The health spokesman of the Union Group, Jens Spahn, supports the project of Health Minister Hermann Gröhe (both CDU). One had “a bit more pressure to make” when entering kindergarten, Spahn told the television station n-tv. Anti-immunization doubt the sense of vaccination on principle. Spahn sees this as “almost a form of benign neglect.”

Also, the professional association of paediatricians welcomes the government’s plans. “This is a first step in the right direction to increase vaccination rates in Germany,” said association president Wolfram Hartmann. However, the Association is calling for mandatory vaccination for all children in public kindergartens and schools. This rejects Spahn at this time from “This is a very tough means.”


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