Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Apple technology: This i-devices bring Apple a lot of money – ABC Online

The US company Apple is known for its exceptional developments. Its innovative devices have made the brand strongly with the half-eaten apple. But what of his inventions earned the company the most money

The Apple brand is a phenomenon: It works across multiple generations and is responsible for most users the ideal combination of innovation and cult. But what devices Apple really make for a successful company that it is today?

This is a question fans, users, competitors and critics for some time, yet the US news website “Business Insider” for technology finally found an answer. A graphics team created an infographic that largely explains the Apple Store – with amazing results

Thus originated the most money from the sale of iPhones with about 121.5 billion US dollars in sales for the fiscal year. 2014. However, the company also gets plenty of revenue on the sale of iPads (36,4 billion US dollars) and Macs (29.7 billion US dollars). iTunes software and accessories and iPods are at the bottom of the Apple product list in their sales.

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Revenue in 2014 is 220 billion dollars

Exciting: A total of Apple Corporation reaches the calculations of “Business Insider” According to a turnover of 220.2 billion US dollars for the fiscal year 2014, in a ranking overhauled the company even US sizes such as Microsoft with 91 5 billion US dollars, Amazon 82.3 billion Google with 67.9 and even Facebook with 11.2. Before Apple are by far still Exxon Mobil with 392.8 and Wal-Mart with 483.8 billion US dollars

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