Thursday, December 18, 2014

IBM developed technology to detect skin cancer effective – gully

skin cancer should be even easier and earlier to see in the future. These IBM and the New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are working on a new computer that will automatically detect cancers using images.

Skin cancer is to be effective in detecting

On skin cancer die each year thousands of humans. The treatment of the disease costs the health insurance companies billions annually. Could be skin cancer even earlier and more effectively, then you could treat it more effectively too. At such a better detection IBM is now working with the New York Cancer Center.

A special lernfähriger computer that is currently being developed by IBM may be filtered out of images specific objects. Thus, it is now possible for the computer to distinguish between dogs and cats pictures and this may mark. This technology will be transferred to melanoma. The New York Cancer Center puts currently a huge database of dermatological images of running various skin lesions are seen, are assigned to the corresponding diseases.

The computer should be fed with this database and then within seconds the image of a which Syndicate skin lesion of a patient in the Dante bank and make a comparison to output what it might be. The computer is intended to establish connections when there are similarities between entries in the database.

IBM has already carried out a control test and reviewed more than 3,000 cases of skin cancer. The computer was placed correctly with a success rate of 97%. Tests that have been carried out by humans, it previously brought to 84%. IBM and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to continue working on the technology and it will still take some time before they can be used as Wekrzeug for physicians. / Ab


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