Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apple opens new technology center in Japan – Macnotes.de

Outside Tokyo, Apple wants to open a technology center. This one will be closer stationed at its supplier companies.

Dozens of new jobs, Apple wants to create a technology center outside Tokyo, Yokohama. This was confirmed spokesman Takashi Takebayashi against PCWorld on request by e-mail. Why Apple at the site rears a corporate building, Takebayashi did not want to tell.

However, he emphasized to PCWorld, that it is not is a facility for research and development. Perhaps to the location of only the business to be intensified and expanded to Asia.

But that contradicts the Apple spokesman statements of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who had announced against the Japanese media that Apple in Japan-the-art research and would pursue development. But the politicians made this statement in a phase in which he finds himself during the campaign. On December 14 elections are for the lower house in Japan. For it is only in November, the Premier had dissolved Parliament.

By next spring could open the facility in the center of Yokohama in the Minato Mirai district, according to Nikkei. Nikkei also relies on Apple and speaks differently PCWorld by an institution for research and development, which is scheduled to open.

The weak yen against the US dollar makes investments for US companies in Japan currently lucrative.

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