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New Technology: Germany’s most environmentally friendly bus route starts in Hamburg – Hamburg evening paper

12.18.14, 16:23

New Technology

will only be on the bus line 109 be traveling vehicles with innovative propulsion technologies. Mayor Olaf Scholz, Traffic Senator Frank Horch and high Bahn CEO Günter Mittelstenahe gave the go-ahead

. Photo: Hamburger elevated train AG Traffic Senator Frank Horch, high Bahn CEO Günter Mittelstenahe and Mayor Olaf Scholz (left)

Hamburg. Germany premiere in Hamburg. In Hamburg, for the first time is a bus service to the premises to be operated only by vehicles with innovative propulsion technologies

Bus 109 (Alstersdorf to Hauptbahnhof) is used on Thursday for the new project. You will be on a length of 9.3 kilometers on the road, serve 23 stations and transport about 15,000 passengers a day.

Where are the buses of Mercedes, Solaris and Volvo to be tested, compared and evaluated economically. Here, different drive options are used. Volvo uses a hybrid with plug-in technology. Mercedes puts on a Brennstoffzellenhybridbus with hydrogen and battery technology. The manufacturer Solaris celebrates also the “Urbino” a world premiere. This is a battery bus with fuel cell and range extender

steam instead of CO2

The special feature of the innovation curve. The vehicle types Urbino (Solaris) and Citaro (Mercedes) bump thanks to hydrogen technology, no CO2, but water vapor. When Volvo 7900, however, a diesel engine for the drive (SPD) provides, as the battery is depleted after seven kilometers.

will kick gave Mayor Olaf Scholz along with traffic Senator Frank Horch (independent), high Bahn CEO Günter Mittelstenahe as well as representatives of the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Environment Ministry and the automotive industry. “The innovative line in Hamburg will bring us important insights to accelerate the development of clean and resource-efficient buses,” said Olaf Scholz. “The goal, from 2020 to procure only emission-free buses, so that is tangible.”

With two derricks for electric hybrid buses on the electric bus terminal at ZOB and on the forecourt of the subway Alstersdorf, the buses are to be supplied. 20 buses will be during rush hour in simultaneous operation.

Green little of concept enthusiastically

The innovation line 109 does not apply anywhere in enthusiasm. Till Steffen, transport spokesman of the Green Party said in a press release: “Away from Oil – this objective must also apply to the Hamburg transport for routes with high ridership, the answer is no but the E-bus, but the city train is purely electric.. operated, has been tested many times and economically. “

The elevated train, however, would like to develop the innovative powered buses on a total of 65 vehicles. Coming soon two more buses from Volvo, a battery bus with fuel cell, and three pure battery buses will be added.



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