Monday, December 22, 2014

Ebola: IMF should be responsible for epidemic – Reuters

12/22/2014, 18:26 clock Mr. carlos santos

Researchers at the University of Cambridge raise allegations against the International Monetary Fund: Its savings targets are to have weakened health systems in West Africa, thus promoting the spread of the epidemic

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Africa is a continent that has always exploited by its wealth of raw materials ….

First, there was the Europeans …

which is served on the African raw materials …

Then came communism …

(Russia financed weapons for the wars …

and This was not done for free) …

Then came China and began as the raw materials secure

while more and more Chinese were hired instead of Africans …

and bringing the African continent should the for

humanity necessary precautions and care … finance?

Living in the Slam … without toilets …

without running water …

poultry and other animals for their own diet drink

water slurries of paths along … and feed on them.

But then monkey meat is cheaper than beef about.

And all who can not even afford monkey meat

make use of the rest of what nature has to offer to curb one’s own hunger.

The formation of the local population is negligible.

To whom it any wonder then that Ebola and other diseases can quickly develop it then?

EUROPE prefer to buy cheap in CHINA in to leave than about their own European continent manufacture or then invest a small portion of industrialization in Africa … but are rather African High fences built around people not to discharge to Europe.

There is less the IMF to allocate blame …

If the IMF is not to blame for free here. ..

but you have to ask what globalization is really there.

If globalization is just there for the rich of this globe to increase his income alone ….

then we need a new system Human !!


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