Friday, December 5, 2014

Encryption Technology: Vodafone wants business customers from espionage … – Business Week

Vodafone wants to bring a new app for business customers on the market. Which will enable encrypted phone calls.

The telecom operator Vodafone wants to bring an app for encrypted calls for business customers on the market. These Vodafone works with the Düsseldorf company Secusmart together, said Vodafone Germany boss Jens Schulte-Bockum.
Secusmart also produces the technology for the Chancellor’s cell phone. “The app is based on the same encryption technology, which also uses the federal government,” said Schulte-Bockum. Phone calls are to be completely encrypted. The app will come in January on the market and be first directed to corporate customers.


The government has information that a mobile phone of the Chancellor is well monitored by the NSA. Which vulnerability, the US intelligence used – and how to protect yourself everyone yet

Encryption services have been experiencing the Snowden revelations about the espionage of the secret a boom. The German Telekom already offers encryption products for business customers, the German Post has released an app for securely sending messages. A number of specialized companies offer their own services.

“Security is for many of our customers is an important issue,” said Schulte-Bockum. The app will cost a monthly fee. Secusmart is being taken over by the Canadian phone manufacturer Blackberry.


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