Friday, December 19, 2014

Consortium shall evaluate the potential “AeroCraft” technology – VerkehrsRundschau

More than ten years after the failed CargoLifter concept, the use of a 90-meter-long aircraft is tested with helium tanks.

Munster. Representative of the Institute for post-fossil fuel logistics (PFL) and the US manufacturer AeroCraft Worldwide Corp. have end of November 2014. unveiled a new completely redesigned aircraft technology of the European Commission in Brussels. In the final stage of this development freight should be transported to 250 tons.

The “Aero Craft” consists of a nearly 90 meters long and 30 meters wide missile carbon and aluminum, which is filled with helium tanks. These are compressed or decompressed to allow increase or decrease the vehicle.

For the motion on the ground a generated air cushion provides analogous to the “Hovercraft” technology. The first prototype has been built in Montebello, California, a second is in development. The roll-out of an initial small series of 20 pieces, which can accommodate up to 66 tonnes of payload in each case is scheduled for 2016. In the final stage loads to be transported up to 250 tons.

Founded in June Consortium of European AeroCraft Operations (ECAO), now wants to examine the possibilities of using the “Aero Craft” technology in Europe. Next to the Institute for post-fossil fuel logistics from Münster to ECAO include the consulting firm Logistics Consultants from Hanover and the European representative office of AeroCraft Corporation of Berlin. Benefits are to be developed in particular in the field of heavy goods transportation. (DIWI)


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