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technology stocks have finally convinced. The Nasdaq 100 is interesting -. Not least because it is set up as balanced

D he world every year changed faster . Particularly evident this was in the last five to seven years. Smartphones let us now routinely convenient access to all data available worldwide and provide data itself. The integration of information and location coordinates has changed many things. The world has become smaller through new channels of communication and even if there are legitimate criticism of some developments. The trend is not reversed, but make

Additional growth probably

Innovations such as the SmartWatch have shown that customers are by no means any invention of technology giants also good. Enforced instead have the numerous services from Google, smartphones from Apple or Google’s Android operating system and social networks. The retail industry is changing. Incubators such as Rocket Internet set for years that internet retailers in the long term gain the upper hand. What’s the problem, future furniture to order online? Customer-friendly solutions and competitive prices have already pushed the department store in favor of Amazon for the generation under fifty. The growth potential in the technology sector is therefore still great. Especially when you consider buyers in today’s poorer regions.

Balanced mix attracts investors to

The most popular technology index of the world is still the Nasdaq 100. D ie the largest companies in the industry are represented there. With this Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, Amazon or Cisco . This mixture of relatively new technology titles and time-tested companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Intel also makes the index for cautious investors interesting. This year we went for the ComStage Nasdaq 100 ETF UCITS (WKN: ETF011) by 35 per cent to the top – the ups and down in the markets notwithstanding. In the long term convinced the index. The total expense ratio of the ETF is 0.25 percent.

By Nico Popp

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