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Initiative study the reputation of the iBeacons technology – SME News

Hamburg – The Innovation Lab media agency Initiative has launched a survey on iBeacons. The survey was conducted online and October 2014 a total of about 53 marketing decision makers from all sectors participated in the survey in Germany. Elemental result of the study: The use of iBeacons is due to the high potential for brand communication basically interesting

Mathias Smooth, managing director at Initiative. “The iBeacons technology is worldwide one of the major issues of the future in the field of brand communication. The technology provides great opportunities trademarks with respect to the bridge between online and offline media and their measurability. However, an individual examination for which the company and in what context iBeacons make sense is indispensable. “

awareness of the technology

Although iBeacons are still relatively unknown , 36 percent of respondents have heard of it. A tendency of increased awareness of the technology is higher in larger firms. A higher reputation can be reported in the companies that have already recruited mobile or implements its own app. Those who know iBeacons, also have a good idea of ​​what the technology actually can.

Photo: obs / Initiative Media GmbH

Photo: obs / Initiative Media GmbH

application opportunities and barriers

After the explanation of the technology say three-quarters of the participating marketing decision makers that iBeacons would provide an added value to the classical communication. The added value of iBeacons The respondents in the networking of the online and offline world and the opportunity to reach potential customers at the POS. Despite the odds, the skepticism among decision makers regarding iBeacons is relatively high: Two thirds of respondents see high to very high risk for promotional use. Basically, it is feared that consumers could refuse to push advertising, emanating from the iBeacons. In addition, the respondents assess compliance with the data protection policies and technical hurdles as risky.

The future of iBeacons

Before advertisers iBeacons will use advertising, is for many companies the passive use to measure visitor and frequency currents come at the POS used to learn more about consumer behavior in the first step.

Photo: obs / Initiative Media GmbH

Photo: obs / Initiative Media GmbH

The use of iBeacons advertising in the marketing mix has the advantage of consumers in a direct and very personal way to offer directly at the POS added value. Through the use of filter functions and the optimization of campaigns to the respective consumers use the transmission of advertising content from the perspective of individual consumers in the crowd but the medium regulate itself.

Bastian Raschke, Head of Innovations Lab at initiative: “The success of the iBeacons technology is also technically nothing in the way when iBeacons provide added value. Due to the energy saving BLE function can be assumed that having to use a Bluetooth standard and is a great opportunity offers, consumers on their most personal device to respond. iBeacons are no ranges instrument and it will not be in the future. However, in individual cases, the technology provides valuable benefits for Communications “

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