Monday, July 25, 2016

With the right technology at the right work-life balance – Crosswater Job Guide (press release)

Ralf Lommel

Ralf Lommel

“My life – my time: think work again! “urges the IG Metall in its current campaign. can afford and what workforce management solutions here

<- Ralf Lommel, General Manager Kronos Continental Europe to plea the union for more justice, self-determination, health and safety for workers. span id = "more-59114">

Increasing demands, immense pressure – to meet the demands in the market withstanding the complex human-machine construct is ever “straightened out”. The more flexibility is required, the more frequent and costly adjustments in the company. Is not necessarily a plus in efficiency, fairness and employee satisfaction. On the contrary. Staff shortages and consequent longer, unpaid working hours and a high administration costs are often the following are all factors that keep according to the current Work.Engaged study the Workforce Institute at Kronos every day of the actual work. 2.8 hours are the ones who so quasi go per week per employee “lost”. They are the equivalent annualized per worker more than 2,000 euros unnecessary costs.

The solution? Automation of operational Personalerfassungs- and planning processes with modern workforce management technology. Each individual requirement of IG Metall on working time would therefore taken for granted:

  • More Justice: Provided work needs to be recognized and rewarded, and they must all provide the same opportunities for participation à A systematic time recording is the basis of each workforce management solution
  • more self-determination. employees need more freedom and must be able to shape their working hours to suit their own needs. Women might want to work, his men more for the family there and older workers slow down a gear switch à self-service functionality in the workforce management technology of today allows employees to own and to exchange mobile layers, more for open layers write to request representation or communicate their availability. More selbstbestimmterem work at this link
  • More Health:. Breaks and time are essential to mobile working and shift work should be regulated in such a way so that the work does not become a stress factor. à All operational and legal rules should be deposited technology based, so a staff scheduling happens only after the defined rules.

Kronos offers workforce management the easy way

for more than 30 years Kronos helps organizations in various sectors to manage their most valuable and expensive strategic resource – their employees

How? By providing them the tools available, which they need to improve their employees’ productivity, strengthen their customer service, control of personnel costs and in minimizing violations. And with thousands of customers in more than 100 countries – including over half of the Fortune 1000® – we support companies all over the world their employees better manage. Kronos:. Workforce Innovation That Works ™

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