Friday, July 15, 2016

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The HSV Museum thrilled recently with a very special additional offer: first Museum of Hamburg the hallowed halls of HSV work with the new beacon technology. This ensures that the visitor is sent to specified positions within the museum additional content – on their own smartphone. So you get, for example, to the big club personalities Uwe Seeler, Ernst Happel, Hermann Rieger or Horst Hrubesch additional images and video, while studying their history.

The Beacon technology and the associated service was developed in cooperation developed with HSV marketers Lagardère Sports, the care product technical inter alia, the HSV-app and this helped to develop. The multimedia additional services offered at the museum on the HSV-own app, a quick registration in HSV-Fi is sufficient for activation of the service from the HSV-app.

This new technology, the visitor gets the opportunity , the history of HSV simultaneously close and multimedia experience: While the exhibits look at live HSV-Museum, corresponding audio and video posts will be played on the smartphone, which provide immediate additional insight and background information on the respective exhibits. To get every visitor to the HSV museum its own private museum guide. Apropos: The new technology makes it possible in the future also, museum tours over rehearsed audio content to perform in different languages. Thanks to the Beacon technology the history of HSV is the future thus still experi- and touchable – well worth a visit

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