Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Civilization 6 and DirectX 12: AMD and Firaxis with technology cooperation – PC Games Hardware

  13/07/2016 at 16:15 In our interview with the developers of Civilization 6 it was already indicated, then it makes Firaxis official: Civilization 6 will support DirectX 12 – here specifically Async Compute and Explicit Multi-adapter. In this context one has announced a technology partnership with AMD.


In a PCGH interview Civilization 6 end of June Firaxis was already on record that you have support for DirectX 12 in the planning. Now you have it made official and confirmed both the said support, as well as a technology partnership with AMD. An AMD press release says that we develop together an “extraordinary DirectX 12 renderer for Radeon GPUs in Civilization 6″. Special Asynchronous Compute and Explicit Multi-adapters are named as DX12 features. workloads should be better distributed over the Asynchronous Compute Engines, which improves performance. In Asynchronous Compute compute calculations are performed in parallel with the rendering tasks to the GPU, so the final frame is completed more quickly, so the FPS increase. In Explicit Multi-adapter to multiple graphics cards can be linked together even from different manufacturers. It can therefore thereotisch NVIDIA GPU with an AMD graphics card or an Intel processor graphics unit are used.

AMD may be in the press release to sideswipe not help that Async Compute an “exclusive feature” of Graphics Core Next- or Polaris architectures is and especially in the units-intensive “late game” Civilization 6 would be helpful. Radeon graphics cards are quickly become “definitive platform for DX12 content,” said Roy Taylor, AMD.

AMD and Firaxis have a longer history of technology cooperation. In Civilization 5 is integrated then DirectX 11 in conjunction with the Radeon developers in the low-level API Mantle Firaxis Co. The latest Civilization Beyond Earth, offered the alternative API Mantle, which has now been merged into the volcano, as an alternative to DirectX to

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Civilization 6: Japan and leader Hojo Tokimune presented in the video


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