Sunday, July 10, 2016

BMW: this is the technology of the FUTURE? –

Robert Sasse

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with BMW one is determined, the subject” “pursue autonomous driving consistently. At a recent press conference held the carmaker waited together with the software company Mobileye and the chip giant Intel therefore with some news. The three companies mentioned have formed an alliance and have set a goal to bring 2021 self-propelled cars for series production by the year. The vehicle occupant is thereby able to devote completely other things while traveling. Therefore, it is really only a small step up to the stage in which move the vehicles complete without passengers.

The three companies are united in the fact “that make technologies for automated driving trips safer and easier”. First, the technology in the BMW i-series is to be used. The so-called “ridesharing” the riders are transported both in inner cities and on highways. BMW CEO Harald Krüger has already done the work, as he – together with other manufacturers – the map service Here by Nokia took over. The now heralded collaboration with Intel and Mobileye appear as only logical.

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