Monday, July 4, 2016

iPhone: Apple patented technology for camera ban – PC Games Hardware

  04.07.2016 10:45 Apple has a patent for a technology been awarded, which converts a camera ban. Who snaps with the smartphone at concerts or museums or films, could be prevented if desired by the organizer via infrared it. Whether the technology will ever come is uncertain.


smartphones are ubiquitous. That would most people hardly bother, though not the cameras are ubiquitous. Where one goes is snapped and filmed. In public places, at events, at parties. The dislike each and Apple has for now devised a solution. The company from Cupertino has patented a technology that turns off the iPhone via infrared.

The first thought of many, of course, that Apple could thus prevent the filming and taking pictures at concerts. Some artists do not like the anyway and it should be people who are following the entire concert on your smartphone screen. Whether the technology is really used for, remains uncertain. But it is also conceivable for other uses, for example in sensitive areas of companies or in public areas. That something works, DJI proves with its drones that do not stand out in no-fly zones – here achieved by GPS signals and software

Apple’s patent is not brand new.. Application has been made at the time of iPhone 4 and now approved. In the version Apple calls basically concerts as possible use or even museums. A transmitter then turns off the function of the camera. Whether it ever manages the patent in practical use, probably at present only know Apple – although many self-proclaimed experts oracles now why the patent will come or may not

Critics fear that even state bodies which. could use technology, such as police officers. “Waterproof” is the technology but not because the user could manipulate with IR Cut Filter

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