Sunday, July 3, 2016

Current technology trends in test and measurement as a free report – ElektronikPraxis

The annual Automated Test Outlook National Instruments reports on the main trends and methods in the measurement and testing. Specific findings 2016: the impact of mobile devices, as well as recommendations on how companies can gain competitive advantage by optimizing the testing departments.

National Instruments has its latest “Automated Test Outook” published, which presents current research on measurement and testing technologies and methodologies. The Technology Outlook looks at trends that have an impact on numerous industries and areas, including consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, defense, medical devices and telecommunications. With this knowledge engineers and supervisors can benefit from the latest strategies and best practices for optimizing a testing department.

The technology view is divided into five categories. It gives an overview of current system architectures, data processing, software, I / O, as well as business strategies that affect the electronics industry of today and tomorrow. It has in particular the present and future well further increasing number of networked devices affect the testing industry

In the report be examined in detail, among other things:. For testing millimeter wave communication or how to prepare to use test data, to improve sales and profits

Automated test Outlook 2016:. topics Overview

The Automated test Outlook is engaged in following trends:

  • optimization of examining sections: companies make the test area at a strategically important part of the company to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Measurement and simulation in the design process: Combining sophisticated models with real-world measurements improves product quality and reduces development time.
  • External PCI Express Interface: The integrated in a PC high speed low latency permits due to external interface improvements new system topologies
  • rise of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablet PCs are widely used and change the way how test systems monitored, controlled, and can be regulated.
  • Portable Measurement Algorithms: Use new development tools need measuring algorithms (IP) to be created once and can then be used for a variety of target systems.

To see the full report in English can be downloaded here for free.


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