Friday, July 8, 2016

Novel technology: First Graphite – breakthrough in graphene production! – Wallstreet-online

In the near future – planned August – is the Australian First Graphite (WKN A2ABY7 / ASX FGR) to start production of ultrapure graphite transition on their projects in Sri Lanka. But the company is already thinking ahead, will be one of the first mass producer of the new “wonder material” graphene position in the future. And you have now made a breakthrough!

Because after extensive testing in collaboration with the University of Adelaide First Graphite has now produced a prototype graphene production unit of commercially usable size! Already the end of June we will prepare this production cell under strict secrecy on the grounds of “Nagrom the Mineral Processor” in Perth. Then first tests are performed to confirm the scalability of the process, so the process is expected to optimize again before the commercial use is possible.

Once this is the case, believes First Graphite, you will be with this 250-liter production unit have a significant commercial advantage over other methods for mass production of graphene. Because instead of a central processing facility to build, from the graph would be delivered, should allow the new technology to set up production units directly with the end customer. This allows these customers if and produce the graph, when they need it, and indeed to the exact specifications that they need! Each of these units should be able to produce up to 5 tons of graphs per year and that at very low investment costs!

The industry has not yet had access to large amounts of inexpensive graphene but First Graphite is convinced that that will change with this production unit. The company is then also able to provide graphs on research and development to mass applications available, which in turn should accelerate the development of the market!

But since you already have the ability to graph too produce low cost, First Graphite also continues his research – in collaboration with the University of Adelaide – continued to identify additional commercial applications for graphene so as to open up new markets

the completion of the new production unit. in our eyes, a breakthrough for the company and Mr McGuckin, Managing Director of first Graphite is justifiably proud that his company has taken the first step on the way to mass producer of graphene.

He also believes that the previously high cost of production graphs have prevented in many areas that graphene has really found use in commercial areas. But, as Mr McGuckin further, the production process of First Graphite is a “game changer”, which regards both operational and investment costs. There is no reason why First Graphite may not be the lowest cost provider of graphs in the industry, he said.

In any case, the production and sale of graphene for the company would be worth. A ton of graphs would achieve a significantly higher price than even a ton of ultrapure graphite from Sri Lanka as First Graphites it will produce, as recently explained to us Peter Youd, executive director of the company in an interview:

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