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Energy Transition: EEG: fear outbraking wind energy … – ABC Online

With a warning of the impending outbraking of wind energy technology Lower Saxony and Bremen have the amended Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) responds. After the Bundestag and the Bundesrat had approved the law on Friday. It provides, inter alia 2021/22 an offshore expansion almost exclusively in the Baltic Sea

Bremen Environment Senator Joachim Lohse (Green) gave the federal government the right to interfere with the energy revolution. “This is a slap in the face for offshore companies in the northwest. Creating jobs and investments are also endangered as the future of the energy revolution. “

job losses on the North Sea

from the perspective of the Bremen chamber of Commerce would have in the Bundesrat a referral to the mediation committee can still be an opportunity for the northern German economy. IHK managing Matthias Fonger stressed: “Such a crack in the job chain more than two years, as takes him to the Bundestag in buying, small and medium suppliers could in particular bring significant in distress and along the German North Sea coast lead to significant job losses.”

the unexpected departure of the Bundestag of the recently found compromise to the development goals of offshore wind threatens the existence of the industry in northern Germany. Reason is the sluggish network expansion – the country makes the covenant for the delays responsible. In the jurisdiction of the State of Lower Saxony are in the current year, according to the Ministry of Environment in Hanover already 100 km approved until the end of 2017 an additional 300 kilometers planned for approval.

Negative effects of the EEG reform

“In the offshore wind industry, we are facing a renewed Fadenriss with unforeseeable consequences for jobs and locations,” warned Meinhard Geiken, Regional head of IG Metall coast. It was questionable whether the lack of orders in Germany can be offset with orders from abroad or from other areas.

After a featured three weeks ago interview fear 80 percent of councils negative impact from the EEG reform the industry. 60 percent expect negative consequences for their own operation. Geiken: Both CDU as “With the now agreed amendments, the situation will worsen further.”

For the opposition in the state parliament in Hanover, the situation for Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), a “personal failure” represents. FDP stopped him before lack of enforcement power.

cost of renewable energy limit

the law seeks to reduce the cost of renewable energy and therefore provides lower expansion targets for wind energy on land and at sea and a new front funding procedure. From 2017, providers must prevail in tenders to get the contract for new eco-power plants – so far there are 20 year guaranteed fixed payments. With wind power good 8600 megawatts is Niedersachsen Leader across countries. According to industry figures 32,000 jobs depend directly or indirectly depend on

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