Thursday, July 14, 2016

5G wireless networks: Infineon buys superfast chip technology – Bayerischer Rundfunk

Wolf Speed, a subsidiary of the American lighting specialists Cree, is probably something like a pearl among the manufacturers of microchips. The US company has key technologies, or if you will, on the entry codes for some future markets.

key technology for 5G network

Thus the special chips by Wolf speed suitable to transfer data very quickly via radio. This is important in establishing the so-called 5G-crosslinked, that new wireless standards so that will come in a few years and as Requirement is for the networking of self-driving cars.

Infineon enters new territory and now gets by buying the American company the opportunity to play in the development of 5G up front.

power conversion for E-Cars

in addition brings with Wolf-speed microchips that help efficiently AC to DC convert. This loading units may be constructed smaller and lighter in electric cars. And smoothest possible power conversion is also important to be able to operate solar plants with less energy loss can.

telecommunication networks, electric cars and solar technology – the US company Wolf Speed ​​Infineon should actually help here progress everywhere, it’s the $ 850 million should definitely



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