Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Netanyahu: Israel wants to share technology with Africa – Israelnetz.com – the Middle East News

ENTEBBE (inn) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reminded Uganda of the liberation of Israeli hostages 40 years ago. He also met with politicians from seven countries for the Africa summit. For irritation attended a speech by the host.

40 years ago kidnapped Palestinian and German terrorists an aircraft of the French company “Air France”. In the former Ugandan capital Entebbe freed Israeli soldiers on July 4, 1976, the Jewish hostages who had been separated from the non-Jews. In the action of the brother of the current government, Jonathan Netanyahu, as well as four hostages and several Ugandan soldiers were killed. On the 40th anniversary Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reminded at the scene of the rescue mission.

“I am moved to stand here at this location, in the very place where my brother Joni, the commander of the special forces unit killed was while he led the troops who stormed the old terminal, the terrorists overpowered and the hostages freed, “Netanyahu said on Monday, according to the communication of its offices at the airport of Entebbe. He praised the former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin “for the leadership that he showed when he met the fateful decision to start the operation.” Defense was added at that time Shimon Peres

Netanyahu. “I want my respect for the pilots of the hijacked plane showing, Michel Bacon, who is in France. He and his crew were from an amazing sense of responsibility out among the hostages. “The premier also praised the paratroopers Surin Herschko who live with the consequences of his serious wounds for 40 years:” Surin told me more than once that, if he would do it all again, would not hesitate for a moment – even if he knew the price. Surin Herschko represents the best, most beautiful and most exclusive parts of our nation. “

Conversion in Israel and Uganda

The former” Operation Jonathan “had initiated a change. So is true since in Israel the rule: If the whereabouts of the hostages is known, a rescue operation should be initiated. Also it became clear that Jews could defend themselves against attackers, Netanyahu added. “Perhaps this fundamental transformation was visible to the world in Entebbe.”

The Israeli prime minister thanked the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for its hospitality. He was proud to be the first Israeli prime minister after more than 20 years, visited the African countries south of the Sahara. Among the soldiers in the rescue operation, he noted: “40 years ago, they landed in the middle of the night in a country led by a brutal dictator who granted harbor terrorists. Today we have landed in bright sunlight in a friendly country that is led by a president who fought the terrorists. “

In addition to the Commander Jonathan Netanyahu civilians Jean-Jacques Mimouni, Pasco Cohen died in the hostage-taking, Ida Boruhovitch and Dora Bloch. Relatives of the victims attended the memorial ceremony. Netanyahu stressed that countries must stand together in the fight against terror.

Museveni replaced “Israel” by “Palestine”

Meanwhile irritated Ugandan President Museveni his Israeli guests by during his speech consistently “Palestine” instead of “Israel” said. The Ugandan newspaper “Observer” remembers this: “It did not succeed, the tense relationship between the two countries – Israel and Palestine – to be considered.”

Museveni thanked Netanyahu for “that he this sad story has made 40 years ago to another instrument to join the holy land of Israel-Palestine to the interior of the country in particular and Africa in general “. The President therefore called them historical events that testified to the connection between “Africa and Palestine.” “The story of Joseph and Moses between 1886 BC and 1446 BC. Do you remember the story of Joseph? It was also a sad story, but it also created a connection like this one “, quotes him the” Observer “.

Christian and Muslim traditions

Next, the president said:” And then there is a story of the baby Jesus, which was hidden in Egypt. I do not know what year! It says in the book of Matthew from 2.13 to 23, he was hiding there. He was hiding there from Herod. Herod was a bad man or something. Now my people have written here, 4 AD, but I am reluctant to read it, because how could 4 have been by Christ when he was just born? “He had to do more research to the exact year.

After the Christian digression Museveni called a history of Muslim tradition. Thus, the Prophet Mohammed had in 622 AD from Arabia to Ethiopia to escape. “With respect to the first Book of Kings, Chapter 10, he also pointed to” the famous story of the Queen of Sheba “. “The rescue mission of Entebbe in 1976 is therefore a further connection between the two regions, which grew out of adversity.” The mission was fortunately successful.

A report by the online newspaper “Times of Israel” According to Museveni also told of a meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president was at the time. This he told Bible stories that speak of the connection of the Jews to the Holy Land. “He told me that the Jews did not come from the Middle East, but in Europe. I said no, I have my Bible. I had my Bible here and showed it to him. “Ahmadinejad is not known. There is much ignorance. According to the newspaper “Observer” Netanyahu smiled during the speech entered to himself.

Summit with seven African countries

In Entebbe, the Prime Minister also participated in the African Summit. Besides Uganda, the African countries of Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Zambia were represented. Netanyahu described the meeting with the leaders as a “milestone”. “I think Israel is the perfect partner for the countries of Africa,” he continued. Israel have developed skills that are important in his opinion for defending the world against the global onslaught of terror. “But equally, we have tremendous opportunities. We have solved our water problem, although it is a very dry country. We have solved our agricultural problem. We produce, with great productivity, vegetables, dairy products. “

Netanyahu said:” We are eager to this technology to share in so many areas with our African friends, “he quoted the founder of political Zionism , Theodor Herzl, with the words: “After the Jewish people have free, I’ll go to Africa to help free the blacks. “From Uganda Netanyahu traveled to Kenya. (Eh)


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