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Share of the Week: Koninklijke Philips – A Dutch Tech … –

LYNX Broker: As a share of the week, the Dutch group Koninklijke Philips N.V. presented. The Koninklijke Philips N.V. or “Royal Philips” is claims to be one of the global leading companies in technology and healthcare products. N.V. is the abbreviation for “naamloze Vennootschap”, in German “nameless partnership” and is a Dutch legal form of a joint stock company.

The Group is focused on the oriented field of health technology. The product portfolio includes medical devices to health care, prevention, diagnosis, therapy and home care. As a goal one has taken up the cause of wanting to 2025 to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year. The Group’s products we encounter in everyday life. Philips is the leader in electric shavers, there are electric toothbrushes Philips and diagnostic equipment for doctors and hospitals. Also applications and devices are prepared to help in surgical operations (image guided interventions). Philips produces climate, air purification, ultrasonic and X-ray equipment but also information technology in the field of Cardiology.

In addition also includes monitoring technology for patients, the product portfolio of the company, as well as TV sets and accessories. In addition, Philips is a major player in the field of light, light sources, LED and lighting technology. The light division, the Group has recently launched on the stock market as “Philips Lighting” and rescued so far 862.5 million euros.

The company was founded in 1891 by Frederik, Gerard and Anton Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands , It is based in Amsterdam, is headed by Frans van Houten in the function of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and controlled by Jeroen van der Veer as Supervisory Board Chairman. Today the company has around 105,000 employees in over 100 countries a total turnover of around 24.2 billion euros.

Sales by segment
The Group operates in the segments “Personal Health” (29 percent), “Diagnosis & amp; Treatment “(27 percent),” Connected Care & amp; Health Informatics “(13 percent) and” Lighting “(31 percent) divided. Geographically divided one is in “Western Europe” (24 percent), “North America” ​​(34 percent), “Other Mature Geographies” (8 percent) and “Growth Geographies” (34 percent). The values ​​in parentheses represent the percentage of sales. The largest markets by countries are the USA, China, Germany, Japan, India, France and the Netherlands. were in 2015 1.9 billion euros for research and development (R & amp; E) output – also one holds about 76,000 patents

are the securities of Philips. to act on the home exchange Euro Euronext Amsterdam with high liquidity, as well. also on the NYSE under the symbol “PHG” At the end of the first quarter 2016 circulated 913,011,000 shares. Koninklijke Philips holds even 71.22 percent of the shares. The largest institutional shareholders are Blackrock with 5.04 percent, Harris Associates Investment Trust with 4.99 percent, Dodge & amp; Cox with 4.97 percent, Autocontrole with 3.00 percent, State Street with 2.99 percent and Norges Bank with 2.63 percent. Through the ADR program in the US, the company can still count on many other institutional and private investors – a very broad investor base. The share is 100 percent free float (source in relation to the shareholders: Euro Euronext Amsterdam). Philips is a member of the Dutch benchmark index AEX and the Euro Stoxx 50. ‘/ P>

Barclays, Credit Suisse, German Bank, Exane BNP, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Independent Research, Jefferies, JPMorgan, Kepler Cheuvreux, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, S & P Capital IQ, Societe Generale and UBS have analyzes the shares of Koninklijke Philips NV customized. Overall, the analysts awarded eight buy recommendations, five times was “hold” the vote and two analysts recommended selling (Jefferies and S & P Capital IQ). The target price ranged from 18,00 Euro (Jefferies from 16.02.2016) to EUR 34.00 (Goldman Sachs from 17.03.2016). The Durchschnittskurziel of 15 analyzes is 25,93 Euro. The stock closed at the time of analysis with 23.575 Euro from the market at the home exchange Euro Euronext Amsterdam. The company is rated on the capital market with around 21.62 billion euros

The share cost in the last 52 weeks 26.095 Euro in high and 20.475 euros in low -. They could within a timeframe of five years by about down 33 percent. Thus, the stock has outperformed the overall market (Benchmark: Euro Stoxx 50 Index) developed. The average price of the preceding 250 days was 23.45 euros. By October 2016, the Group plans to have completed its EUR 1.5 billion strong share buyback program.

Annual Report
is for fiscal year 2015 (to be recognized at Koninklijke Philips NV . 31.12 accordance with IFRS in Euro), the Group reported revenues totaling 24.2 billion euros (2014: 21.4 billion euros, 2013: EUR 23.3 billion, 2012: EUR 24.8 billion and 2011: EUR 22.6 billion). Accordingly, the Group has maintained the level of sales in recent years at least. The result from ordinary operations was in 2015 at 623 million euros and net interest income at -359.0 million Euro (previous year: -301.0 million Euro). As net income 645 million euros were 2015 reported and the net result per share amounted to 0.70 euros.

The Koninklijke Philips N.V. poured out in 2015 298 million euros for the financial year – equivalent to 0.80 euros per ordinary share. In addition, a special dividend of EUR 0.80 was paid to investors. The company employs 2015 in balance sheet 112 959 employees (the workforce is thus in the last five years to approximately 9,000 employees shrunk). At cash € 1.8 billion in 2015 explains the economic equity is valued at EUR 11.7 billion and the liabilities are reported at 19.2 billion euros.

The total assets is 31 billion euros. The equity ratio in 2015 around 38.0 percent. In the balance sheet forecasts for 2016 and 2017 revenues of 24.77 and 25.49 billion euros are given. EBIT should amount to EUR 2.42 billion in 2016, 2017 that number will reach 2.7 billion euros. Earnings per share could therefore 2016 will be 1.53 euros and increase in 2017 to 1.84 euros. The dividend for 2016 could amounting to EUR 0.80 and for 2017 0.825 Euro. Cash flow per share could be at 2016 2.192 Euro to 2017, rising to 2,653 euros. Net assets per share are expected in 2016 will be 13,152 euros and 2017 even put on 14,10 euro. The cash held by the group should be in 2016 2.63 billion euros and 1.31 billion euros more than halved by 2017. ‘/ P>

Stable ratings
Koninklijke Philips NV has by Standard & amp; Poor’s a long-term rating of “BBB +” and by Moody’s a long-term rating of “Baa1″. Both agencies certify the Group a stable outlook. The Group (borrowing programs) Non-current liabilities have an average term of eleven years. Overall, 4.3 billion euros are made on debt – the maximum term dates back to the year 2042. A so-called “stand-by Faszilität” with a volume of EUR 1.8 billion runs in February 2018. Also in 2018 running a Quotation with 1.25 billion US dollar volume bond with a 5.75 percent coupon.

The diary of the Group by the end of bulging. On 25 July 2016, the half-year figures for the 2016 financial year are expected. The company is located on the 08 September at the ING Benelux Conference in London on 14 September at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference in New York. On October 24, followed by the quarterly figures for the third quarter 2016 on 04 November presented one to the Capital Markets Day Health Tech in London, on November 08 to participate in the SRI Conference part of Société Générale in Paris, on 15 . November at the UBS European Conference in London, on December 01 to be represented at the Societe Generale Premium Review Conference in Paris on December 07 at the Citi Global Healthcare Conference in New York.

chart analysis of stock: Koninklijke Philips NV (EUR)

the share of Koninklijke Philips principle evolved in recent years, quite good, the value remains more or less in a sideways trend since, 2014. From late 2011 to the end of 2014 took place a good exploitable upward move of about 12.50 euros on short time well 28,00 Euro. Since then the stock several times varied between 28.00 euros and 21.00 euros back and forth, which barely made a long-term focus on trend following trades possible or profitable. Since mid-2015, the fluctuation amplitude of the lateral movement of the value must again become smaller – the upper limit of 28,00 Euro slipped down to 25.50 euros

There is currently vice therefore the question of whether the share the power. can apply to break the positive sideways range. The first sign was the jump over the drawn trend line, which moves currently 24.50 to 25.00 euros. If mastered, this jump and then a sustained movement above the resistance of 25.50 euros, as purchases would be possible again. As defensive target the resistance of 28.00 euros to be realistic, ideally even a breakout towards 29.00 or 30.00 euros


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