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QIAGEN brings “Digital NGS” solutions with unique Molecular Indexing … –

Hilden, Germany, and German, Maryland (ots / PRNewswire) –

QIAseq Targeted NGS panels provide highly sensitive, undistorted and precise findings on NGS-based

QIAGEN N.V. (NASDAQ: QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard: QIA) today announced the launch of a comprehensive portfolio of innovative QIAseq NGS panels known. These are based on innovative proprietary technology for “Digital NGS” that allows an unbiased, accurate quantification of DNA, RNA and miRNA molecules using next-generation sequencing (NGS). When Digital NGS a novel Molecular indexing technology is used, which is compatible with all major sequencing platforms and a more accurate quantitation and detection of molecular variants possible.

In combination with modern primer design and proprietary test chemistry QIAseq Targeted panels allow reliable detection of even extremely rare mutations (mutations at low frequency) as well as a highly efficient sequencing of GC-rich regions. In addition, a precise identification and quantification of otherwise often unrecognized genetic variations is ensured by this approach. These features essential, has hardly covered customer needs are addressed.

The QIAseq panels are integrated into highly integrated sample-to-Insight workflows that include cloud-based bioinformatics tools for advanced data analysis and evaluation. They can be used for all common sample types and are available for various present in the market NGS platforms. The test Roadmap for Gene Reader NGS system of QIAGEN also relies on digital NGS, whereby this fully automated NGS workflow is extended by a further unique performance advantage

The full press release can be found here (https:. / /www.qia 4167-8017-D43160DF6018%7d&lang=de-DE) = {2B299613-499B-4167-8017-D43160DF6018} & amp; lang = en-US

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