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VR technology in business – IT ZOOM

Mr Lekic, built next to the B2C business Samsung for some time, the B2B segment. Why is this business interesting
Sascha Lekic:
We can observe in the market that two worlds grow together: The technological developments in the B2C and B2B environment continue to merge, because users want today in the usual mobile technologies also not do without in the professional environment. Therefore, we use our position in the consumer segment to the strategic development of the B2B business and to support companies in the digital transformation. In the construction of the B2B business, we have trends such as the “consumerization of IT” actively participated and created synergies. Together with our partners, we enable organizations of all sizes to make their business processes faster, more flexible and efficient and offer convergent solutions for digital and mobile age. In this case, Samsung’s goal is to generate a substantial proportion of total sales with B2B solutions to 2020th We are already up in Germany in this segment at about 25 percent.

Investment in mobility now and in the future to the key issues and decisions for businesses belong. Thus we see in mobile B2B solutions a promising growth market, we want to continue to selectively expand.

What expectations make for especially business users to their mobile work
Basically? Users want comfort; Company security. Thus, the key requirements for mobile work tools in the business environment are briefly described. Our mission is to bring both into compliance. Only in this way can mobile working to increase the company’s productivity and at the same time the satisfaction of employees. Here, the mobile technology developed into an increasingly important success factor for employers. Because especially for highly crosslinked, highly innovative, staff is important modern technology in the workplace.

Our approach to technology development begins by the user in focus. When it comes to the use of mobile devices in business environments, in addition to the intuitive operation especially features such as long battery life and sufficient storage capacities are important for users.

For the company first is the safe use of mobile tools in the foreground. However, the enterprise-wide management and the ability to customize mobile Android devices to each business unit, are important. With Knox we have developed a secure mobile platform that IT departments are extensive control over corporate data. At the same time, it allows users to switch to mobile devices between work and personal content – without compromising privacy.

In addition to mobile security architecture we offer companies the ability to customize devices to their industry and the individual needs and provide for a dedicated user interface. Another essential component of a modern and secure enterprise IT are Mobile Device and enterprise mobility management solutions. In order to offer this, we have teamed up with partners like BlackBerry, MobileIron and Airwatch. Under the new Enterprise Device program we offer companies also regular security updates, as well as a two-year product availability for new business smartphones and thus an improved ability to plan for the IT department.

To what extent is the Samsung portfolio to products and solutions enhance the future to advance the B2B segment?
Lekic :
We develop our mobile portfolio continuously continue to support digital transformation processes in the B2B sector. We see ourselves as a catalyst for companies in terms of technology trends and offer our partners more than just smartphones and tablets. With wearables, the Gear VR and Gear 360, we have created a new mobile ecosystem that we can serve. In particular, underlines the theme of “Virtual Reality” (VR) our potential in the B2B sector. We are already working with German companies on new VR applications in the B2B environment and are pleased with the demand in this area. In this rich usage scenarios from use in training to new formats for the entertainment industry. Together with our partners, we help companies profitably integrate VR technologies in business environments to link with existing infrastructure and adapt to individual needs.

Our partner network we use as a strategic pillar also across the entire B2B sector in order to advance the solutions business. Our clients also benefit from the opportunities of our convergent overall portfolio, which in addition to mobile terminals and display technology, Storage and Printing Solutions, which can be combined into integrated solutions. It is our goal, with mobile technologies to make the workplace of the future sustainable and thereby penetrate into areas where mobile applications were not possible until now – for example in hazardous areas in industry.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona you have i.a. the smartphone models Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge presented. Which group of buyers feel free to contact with these
In everyday life the phone now plays a vital role – both private and professional lives?. So it is vital for us to develop smart phones that meet the needs of users to a mobile lifestyle. With the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we are addressing a broad audience – even among business users.

To what extent there at all new designs and innovations at an almost saturated mobile market
Samsung alone has 2015 14.1 billion US dollars in research and development (R & e) investments – around 38 million US dollars per day. We are thus according to Strategy & amp; Analytics again the company with the world’s second highest rate of investment in this area. Approximately 25 percent of all employees work in the 36 R & amp; D centers worldwide. These figures show how important is innovation for our company. This claim, we represented still in the mobile market. We focus in particular on the market for premium devices. However, it is time to see the smartphone in the context of new mobile ecosystem: It is and remains the central hub in mobile cosmos – but with the progression of wearables and VR solutions to develop new mobile areas, where the potentials and the mobile market overall give wings.

With the new Galaxy Tab Pro S the company a Windows device presented in a long time. How did it come to this decision
Microsoft has always been a very important partner for us. From this long-standing partnership, a new product has been created that expands our portfolio. We found early on that changed the traditional PC market. Especially for mobile working, the demand continues to grow and it is distinguished from currently a clear trend towards Convertibles: Half notebook, half Tablet they offer the possibility of mobility and productivity combine optimal. With the Tab Pro S we make this trend towards mobile working with. The 2-in-1 device combining mobile Samsung technology with the productive capabilities of Windows 10. And it shows that we are now able to offer slim, lightweight mobile devices, with or without a keyboard and pen the needs of users justice and give them more – and especially more flexible applications – offer a classic notebooks.

The market for 2-in-1 device – the so-called Convertibles – is highly competitive. Where do you position yourself in the new model
We were able to expand further in the past year our market share in the “Tablets”. We will continue to see great potential in this area. The development of the Galaxy Tab Pro S was an important step to enhance our portfolio. We speak so aware of an audience that is looking for a device for mobile working.

“Virtual Reality” is the latest since the appearance of Mark Zuckerberg in Barcelona a topic. What applications do you see for the future
The applications of virtual reality technology in a business environment are virtually unlimited. With VR, we develop realistic digital experiences, inspire the new business models and to revitalize existing business models. Already today, there are numerous application scenarios that illustrate how profitable to Virtual Reality can use – whether in therapy, as new formats in the entertainment industry or as part visionary store concepts. At this year’s Roadshow For example, we used VR to stage solution worlds and to give our partners a virtual stage. During the physical exhibition structure was seen only in Cologne, the exhibition was brought to life in other cities for visitors through a VR tour.

And the view of the application scenarios of the future is exciting: Today VR technology is used in travel agents in order to give a realistic taste of the holidays. Tomorrow we might go completely virtual: With VR headset surrounded by matching Geräuschs- and smell scenes the holiday experience comes into the living room – then read scenarios in future reports. It is clear that VR brings revolutionary potential. This also many companies already recognized, and especially in the B2B sector, the demand for VR technology is currently enormous.

Sascha Lekic …
… is since June 1, 2014 Director Sales B2B in IT & amp; Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. In this position, he is building the sales of mobile products and solutions in the corporate customer segment in Germany further. Before joining the electronics company he was, inter alia, work at Apple, BlackBerry, Dell and Lenovo in leading positions.

Samsung Electronics …
… is a South Korean electronics company with 307,000 employees worldwide in 84 countries , Headquartered the Group in Seoul. Samsung offers
a portfolio of televisions, smartphones,
wearables, tablets, cameras, printers and home appliances through network systems to medical, semiconductors and LED solutions ranges.


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