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“Digitization – all or nothing” balance of technology and IT fair … – Osthessen News

calm before the storm – all ready to start. Photos: Marzena Seidl

14.07. 16 – FULDA

“digitization – all or nothing”

the technology and IT exhibition fibit’16 presented on July 8, 2016 Hall 8 Fulda University an extensive program. 35 exhibitors, including vocational schools Ferdinand Braun School and Konrad-Zuse-school as well as the departments of computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Fulda, showed their broad power and range of services. The visitors were able to learn in 20 presentations on the very latest on digitization.

The organizers, teams Zeitsprung IT Forum Fulda eV and engineering high-tech cluster Fulda eV, were with the course of their Fair, which was compared to the previous events of two focused on one day satisfied. The fibit has established itself as a trademark and is still a technological trendsetter in particular for SMEs.

And this trend had to manage within the evening event Prof. Dr. Clemens Skibicki under the heading “Digital transformation, structural changes or perish “brought to a wide audience. Skibicki stressed that digital transformation is the biggest social change since the book. Not only the technology is changing, but also the related social conditions. Entrepreneurs and politicians have to adapt to the new circumstances. This applies in particular to the management level, which are still largely grown similarly. The structural change is very complex, ancient Learned loses importance, old standards no longer worked. In their place, a kick is increasingly evolving network economy.

networks on the eve event

Prof. Clemens Skibicki held the …

exhibition opening with guests of honor

Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki has now made its Twitter hashtag #profski to the company name. He managed to inspire both managers and staff of user firms, as well as IT entrepreneurs and professors of the university alike. Following was a buffet, the opportunity for networks used.

The day of the show began with a business breakfast and opening to IHK vice president Michael Döppner thanked on behalf of the entire site marketing and especially on behalf of Mayor Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld and District Administrator Bernd Woide at the organizing associations for their largely volunteer work. Lived network idea and exchanges between research and industry are the success factors of fibit. As already Vice-President Prof. Dr. Steven Lambeck under the eve event President praised Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar the close cooperation between universities and industry has manifested itself not least by the choice of venue in Hall 8 at Fulda University. The university is an important location factor for the region with its 8,000 students. +++

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