Monday, July 18, 2016

Technology for liquid urban transport: Daimler plans after 2020 … – evening paper Munich

Read this: Despite death of Tesla “autopilot” – BMW builds robot car

Even earlier than in city traffic should buses with semi-autonomous systems as long distance buses on highways will be in use , Even there, however, others will take the lead: “The trucks are here to make by the end of this decade the beginning, we get it,” Schick said

However, it will not be until city buses and electrically. can drive. 2018, Daimler plans an all-electric bus, which should be comparable in cost with a diesel. “We have stopped the small pilot projects in cities instead developing an electric bus in 2018 in series, the zoom comes with its total cost over the life cycle of the diesel bus,” Schick said. “However, the battery capacity evolving as fast upwards that in future large parts of urban transport could be represented by electric buses.”


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