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New technology breakthrough before – The Dash – the next big thing? – Frankfurter Rundschau

July 29, 2016

The Dash is the Mini-PC for the ears, which can be almost anything. Photo: Bragi

What comes after smartphone and tablet? A Munich start-up might have the answer.

Startups access times for the stars and sometimes has to serve supernatural to give them a name. In Norse mythology, Bragi is the god of poetry, who welcomed the fallen heroes in the heavenly Valhalla. “The greatest thing that has to happen was to get to Valhalla,” says Nikolaj Hviid. The 41-year-old Dane and as such familiar with the world of the gods old Vikings. He has also founded a startup in 2013 in a Munich cellar and called it Bragi. “At the beginning I was alone, after five months of the first employees, the end of 2013 we had 15 arrived,” said Hviid. Today Bragi has 150 employees. If all goes well, it is the end of 2017 fourfold. That sounds great confidence


The only limit is the imagination

The hope of Bragi is just 13 grams, fits into a human ear and is paired marketed under the name the Dash. One could call the earplugs as wireless headphones with Bluetooth connection. Hviid calls a discrete assistant in the form of a mini-PCs. For The Dash has not only a four-gigabyte memory, but also its own operating system. There are also sensors, pulse and other body functions measure or register head movements. Today, you can use the device to listen to music, as a collector of health data or headphones for a smartphone.

sets limits the applications but only the imagination of a programmer. The Bragi-founder is not short it. About his motion sensor be prodigy could even drive a wheelchair, audition sounds and give singing lessons or warned at the light sensor from dangerous UV rays. Because his discreet helpers also let ambient sounds, he could help coordinate mission critical as man in the ear of policemen or firemen. “We are still at the beginning,” estimates Hviid.

The intelligent earplugs produced since the spring, are a piece of portable technology as a Google glasses, a watch or a fitness bracelet that just make under the collective term wearables furore. “Wearables are today but more toys, we want to make tools,” said the Dane. In addition, the earplugs have what it takes, even replace mobile phones. “We have a part of the solution for what comes after the Smartphone,” says Hviid and can affect the meaning of these words once. Scene-magazines like “Business Punk” already believe that, The Dash could be the next big thing after smartphone and iPad.

Today’s television screens will not occur there forever, says Hviid. They would, in the form of smart contact lenses go directly on the eye and the phone just as minicomputers ear. A necessary for voice control for The Dash was in labor and in the next five years we will be able to call it and without additional phone, the Bragi founder is confident. “Connect me with my wife”, say a Dash-carrier then to himself, and shortly thereafter it was audible in the ear. By voice one could then cite the self-propelled car of the future to be, or order online flowers and without going through a Google search engine, which the person who has such an interface to the customer opens a gigantic fees cornucopia. In this vision would be Bragi.

“I think that’s very realistic,” said Vodafone spokesman Dirk Ellenbeck to views that Bragi device can even replace the smartphone. Since April, the telecommunications company is the first nationwide Bragi-partners. Meanwhile, Amazon and the German Telekom are in the boat.

The Dash is a particularly innovative product that opens up many possibilities, praises the Telekom. This included, simultaneously to obtain a translation of the national language on vacation via headphones in the ear. The miniaturization in telecommunications stride continues further emphasizes Ellenbeck. Therefore is a miniaturized telephone in size of earrings no devil. “Wearables are the future”, also appreciates the Vodafone expert.

have believed at the ideas Hviids other. Good $ 3.3 million revenue have The Dash 2014 made the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Europe. 20 million euros have contributed private investors, which now 40 percent belong to Bragi. The majority holds Hviid. 600,000 pairs of his headphones he wants to deliver by the end of this year and reached in 2017 approximately 150 million euros. Profitable one is already. For even faster growth teres he seeking another 100 million euros from investors. Then Bragi could increase the staff to 600 people and provide the gas.

“I play to win”

Are the investors less generous, go there just slower. Failure no longer threatened, soothes Hviid. This stage did Bragi behind. Either you go eventually to the stock market or they would buy of potent United Konzenen. Although the technology is protected by 150 patents. But Hviid are no illusions. If a telephone giant like Apple or Samsung seriously throw an eye on Bragi, the chance of it alone is low.

By this, what future version he preferred the Dane can however be no doubt. “I play to win and not just to be around here,” he says combative clear.


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