Sunday, July 31, 2016

Technology does away with Longnose selfies – Engadget German

In selfies are – do beauty experts among you will know, the – the lugs always something disproportionately large because the camera so best if sitting in an arm’s length distance. A new Technolgie Princeton University in cooperation with Adobe (the latter suggests to us that since sometime even an app on the march is) leaves the now correct an image and change digital as if you shot it from a greater distance. Result: more real noses, wider cheeks, etc.

And as a bonus, as the technology creates a 3D model in the background, even the head position can easily modify, or create a simple moving picture (compare the makers that with Harry Potter Portraits).

can on the project website you can even upload your own image and test this before, but it shows that the algorithm some work has still to come, because especially when hair is something furry.

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